Hired CEO Packs up 2022, Looks Ahead to 2023 in Tech & Sales Hiring

Hired CEO Packs up 2022, Looks Ahead to 2023 in Tech & Sales Hiring

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2022 brought big changes. The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns revised companies’ and workers’ perceptions of remote or work-from-home roles. People moved all over the country to be closer to family, enjoy lower costs of living, or just pursue a new adventure. On the heels of becoming a remote-first company in 2021, Hired embraced this evolution and we significantly changed our business.

Hired goes global

In the spring of 2022, Hired announced a shift from a traditional tech hub market model. This presented jobseekers with new opportunities and helped companies expand into new markets with many achieving DEI goals faster than ever before. While Hired focused on matching employers with candidates in the US, Canada, and the UK in the past, in 2022 we saw companies in these markets connect with jobseekers from more than 100 countries following the platform’s shift to remote hiring worldwide. At Hired, we also took a global approach to remote hiring, and we now have employees across 10 countries. We applaud this and are excited to see this continue. 

New partnerships to benefit both employers and jobseekers

To support our customers and jobseekers, we welcomed 17 new partners this past year and launched a new partnership directory on Hired.com. Notably, new partners like Oyster and Remote helped companies navigate hiring, onboarding, and employing workers in various countries. This leveled the playing field in many areas, especially for smaller companies without dedicated international teams. 

Great strides in product to enhance the hiring experience for both employers and jobseekers

One of the big product changes was welcoming sales and customer experience roles onto the platform early in 2022. We helped many customers, including MediaRadar, Lattice, and Simon Data find new team members in SaaS sales and customer success. 

More than 35 product updates

Our tech team, led by our CTO Dave Walters and VP Product Hector Angulo, used customer feedback to level up the Hired platform. 

Spring 2022 improvements, for example, included updates to jobseeker wishlists, or candidate preferences. Indicating these preferences helps employers personalize interview requests, and increases transparency and efficiency by enabling better matches. It also updated the platform to recognize more preferences and filters around remote work, such as preferred working hours or time zones. 

Fall 2022 product improvements brought more global updates, including currency preferences and conversion. It also improved search filtering for Sales candidates and added React to Hired Assessments for jobseekers to showcase technical skills and employers to assess talent. 

We learned a lot from jobseekers, customers, and partners

We hosted several events throughout the year, including our annual virtual event for jobseekers, the Hired Summit. Featuring panel discussions, workshops, fireside chats, and coding challenges, we’re excited to do it again this April. 

Catch up on these events for jobseekers and for TA and hiring teams

New research to bring insights to employers and jobseekers alike

Multiple teams collaborated to create our annual research reports and to help readers make data-driven decisions. A special congratulations to the customers recognized as our 2022 Top Employers Winning Tech Talent.

We also took our podcast, Talk Talent to Me, on the road to New York, San Francisco, and London for live recordings and listener socialization with global talent leaders. 

We’re also immensely grateful for the continued support of our customers to help us improve through our Customer Advisory Board. We love feedback and the opportunity it provides to help make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent every day. 

Special thanks to Conely Henderson from Virtru, Mallory Planck from Axios, Carol Esposito from Shipium, John Beard and Simon Bunker from One Medical, Tiffany Lee from Zoom Video Communications, Daniel Hecker-Campbell from Vonage, Marci Nemhauser from Walmart, Ashley Wines from Carta, and Grey Ivany from Fubo.tv. We appreciate you so much. 

2022 brought many reasons to celebrate

For the first time in more than two years, we brought our team together in person to collaborate, iterate, and celebrate. Our people team did an extraordinary job planning and executing a phenomenal event in Las Vegas, including an Amazing Race-type activity, a Cirque du Soleil show, and opportunities for philanthropy. We welcomed more than 50 new coworkers in 2022, and it was a pleasure to meet so many of them face-to-face.

G2 Awards

We were also honored to be recognized by G2, with several awards throughout the year, including in some new categories! See the details here: 

Here’s a sample of one of the reviews: 

“The ability to hire sharp minds in the industry from anywhere in the world is arguably the biggest strength that Hired provides us with! Also, the platform is super intuitive and very user-friendly. The ability to identify candidates who have taken pre-requisite tests before shortlisting them is a great feature.”

Recruiting in 2023

Because of the many layoffs and reorganizations in the tech market, we have an unprecedented influx of seasoned tech talent available for new roles. This is an excellent opportunity for employers to thoughtfully build their teams for the future or to establish relationships to nurture their pipelines. 

Need help sourcing, assessing, shortlisting, and communicating with candidates? Our Hired Technical Sourcer service helps hiring teams run a tight ship with temporary or ongoing assistance. To free up time spent on coding tests or technical interviews, try our asynchronous service, Hired Assessments. Move more candidates, regardless of locale, through the funnel efficiently when you let go of in-person proctoring. 

What’s next? We’ll continue advancing the platform experience to support customers in finding the best talent and jobseekers in landing their dream roles. All of our work will, of course, be guided by our vision: a world where all hiring is equitable, efficient, and transparent. I’m extremely proud of the progress our team has made in the past year but excited that we’re still at the very beginning of the impact we can have on companies and talent.