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Hired Helps Jobseekers in Tech

Companies of various sizes and industries turn to Hired to fill their available tech roles. We match your preferences and qualifications with employers ready to fill open positions in areas such as:

Hired Helps Jobseekers in Sales

In addition to tech, Hired helps companies grow thriving sales and customer experience teams. Showcase KPI accomplishments and field interview requests for roles in:

What Jobseekers Are Saying

I can do everything on my own schedule. From picking out interview time slots to selecting only the companies I want to interview with, this is what recruiting should look like.

Joseph G.

Software Engineer Lead

I've never felt so taken care of by a recruiter in my life. Saying my Candidate Experience Manager goes above and beyond is an understatement. She clearly loves what she does, and that devotion is absolutely contagious.

Jorge S.

UX Designer

Before Hired it's been hard to get past the phone-screen stage for a long time. Having the chance to converse with people who already 1) know my background and 2) are interested in learning more keeps me hopeful. It has really turned the job hunting experience on its head! I can't recommend Hired enough so far.

Haley D.

Full Stack Engineer

The quality of jobs is generally high, and I don't have to do a lot (or any) work to find them. The process only requires engagement and a little patience.

Jeffrey G.

Application Security Engineer


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Is Hired confidential for jobseekers? I don't want my employer to know I'm looking.
I'm switching careers so I don't have as much tech experience but I've learned great tech skills. Can I use Hired to find a new tech job?
Do I really not need a resume or cover letter?

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