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Starring recruiting leadership from everywhere under the talent acquisition sun, Talk Talent To Me is a fast-paced rough-and-tumble podcast about the strategies, techniques, and trends shaping the recruitment industry. Hope you’re ready for the next episode.

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Jason Walker
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Thrive HR Consulting Co-Founders Jason Walker and Rey Ramirez

Jason Walker & Rey RamirezThrive HR Consulting Co-Founders Jason Walker & Rey Ramirez

Given the current economic climate, employers and employees around the world are becoming better acquainted with the reality of layoffs each day. Joining us to discuss the ins and outs of layoffs are co-founders of Thrive HR Consulting, Rey Ramirez and Jason Walker. Rey and Jason have both held multiple roles in HR for many years, having worked for the likes of Cisco Systems and BMC Software. In this episode, they provide insight into the current hiring (and firing) landscape and the push and pull of navigating the continuation of remote work post-pandemic. We discuss the factors affecting layoffs, the typical layoff process, who’s most at risk, and how to mitigate that risk.

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