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Starring recruiting leadership from everywhere under the talent acquisition sun, Talk Talent To Me is a fast-paced rough-and-tumble podcast about the strategies, techniques, and trends shaping the recruitment industry. Hope you’re ready for the next episode.

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Scott Whiteford
New Episode!

Talent Plus Director of Leadership Analytics Dr. Scott Whiteford

Dr. Scott WhitefordDirector of Leadership Analytics

Today on the show we are joined by Dr. Scott Whiteford, Director of Leadership Analytics at Talent Plus, a strength-based management company that is rooted in positive psychology. Their mission is centered on understanding an individual’s greatest strengths and how best to utilize those strengths, both for selection and development. In our conversation, we delve into what it means to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, the importance of self-reflection, and how to become increasingly specialized as you progress in your career. Scott also shares his advice for young people on how to discover their strengths, the importance of looking at the whole person when you want to hire successfully, and how to form a constructive partnership with your hiring manager.

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