Customer Experience Candidate Spotlight - Hunter Weber

Customer Experience Candidate Spotlight - Hunter Weber

Hired candidate spotlight on Hunter Weber Customer Success Manager at Lattice

What led you to pursue a career in sales or customer experience roles?

I was always told I had the personality for sales, for better or for worse. While I never pursued the standard sales roles, Customer Success (CS) really resonated with me due to the primary focus on relationship building.

Which, if any, educational opportunities, have made the biggest impact on your career?

I worked in healthcare and non-profits for the early part of my 20s which exposed me to different struggles and personalities. I think this exposure was crucial in helping me navigate difficult conversations and scenarios in the Customer Success world. 

If you started in a different field what was it?

I started as a Director with the YMCA. Relationship building was so crucial in the non-profit world, whether it was for fundraising or networking, that I knew I could take my skill set into a more innovative industry some day. Once I felt like I was ready to advance in a technological field, I started applying for jobs at tech start-ups in NYC. 

How has your skillset evolved over the course of your career?

I had a strong foundation in relationship building which served me well in getting my initial footing within Customer Success. However, I had to develop a Sales mentality along the way, namely the art of negotiation and sales strategy, which certainly work in tandem now in helping me navigate the day-to-day as a senior CSM. 

You’ve been with Lattice for nearly a year – congrats!  What’s something you like most about the company?

The culture. We are truly a company that lives behind their mission and the potential here is unlimited. Very rarely in my professional experience have I had managers and colleagues who, on their own volition, promote and support you. As a result, you’re championed to do the same. 

What have you learned in your role?

You’re smarter than you think. I shifted from Fintech to HR tech, which I felt would be more jarring, but the fundamentals of the job are the same, despite the industry challenges being different. If you’re able to expose yourself to industry insights and ask the right discovery questions, you can pick up so much that builds on what you already know, which is actually a decent amount. 

What was your job search experience like before you were successful on Hired?

I’ve worked with recruiting firms and done the search independently–with mixed results. Hired made the process so easy that I think the entire process from search to hire(d) took less than a month and the energy expense was minimal on my side. 

What’s your best advice for job seekers registered on the Hired platform? 

Do it. I’ve referred a few friends to the platform who are in similar positions as myself: relatively newer to Sales/Customer Success but looking for options outside of their role. It was such a positive experience for me, I always encourage others to at least give it a shot. 

Curious about our referral program?

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About Lattice:

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