Hired 2022 Spring Product Releases Roundup

Hired 2022 Spring Product Releases Roundup

The Latest Product Features and Enhancements on the Hired Platform

As always, the Hired Engineering team is busy making the platform better for customers and job seekers with these spring 2022 product releases. Let’s review the new features and enhancements to Hired’s recruiting and “dream-job-finding” solution. It includes remote filters, preferences, wishlist matching, response triggers, updates to sales hiring, and the new and improved salary calculator. Let’s dive in!

1. Wishlist Matches and Mismatches

When jobseekers join the platform, they complete their profile, including their wishlist of preferences. These might include company size, industry, or a particular role, for example. When a candidate appears in an employer’s search results, the candidate’s profile card highlights the matches and mismatches. 

As an employer, this feature provides insights into how to craft your messaging. Addressing both matches and misses, if they’re there, increases the odds of an interview request acceptance. This feature and the reporting will continue to evolve. 

2. Remote Locations and Preferences

Spring 2022 Product Release blog

Earlier this year, Hired announced it was shifting its focus from key tech markets in the US, UK, and Canada, to the globe. By expanding the platform to include talent from anywhere, jobseekers gain more opportunities and employers gain an infusion of new talent. It also makes it easier to progress against DEI goals.

Added at the beginning of March, 2022, the team has made it easier for employers to find remote candidates based on their working preferences and locations. Knowing that 90% of the tech talent on our platform prefer remote or hybrid working environments, this is a big help! Here are some spring product releases to enable efficient remote hiring.

For Employers: Remote Location Filter

You can now add locations (states or countries) when you include remote candidates. This allows you to find candidates open to remote in specific locations. Hired’s platform currently features candidates in more than 150 countries!

This new feature helps you create a more accurate list of talent based on where you are able and willing to hire. 

For Jobseekers (and Employers): Remote Preferences

Jobseekers, or candidates, have new options to indicate preferences in remote work. 

They’re able to share:

  • preferred working hours, 
  • if they are open to hybrid environments, and 
  • if they are solely interested in remote versus in-office. 
Remote preference screenshot in Product Release blog

By indicating which hours they prefer, candidates show overlap with your team or location’s working hours, rather than a default timezone based on their location. This and other remote preferences help job seekers save time and get a lot of basic information disclosed quickly which ultimately leads to better matches. 

For employers, this helps save time, too, by filtering for candidates aligned with hiring manager needs or preferences. It also helps employers customize interview requests to match or address jobseekers’ preferences. 

3. Interview Request Templates

Increase efficiency when you easily save, swap, and update interview request and message templates for any role. This feature is now available on all plans

4. Hiring for Sales, Customer Experience, or other Client-facing Roles? New Product Release Updates!

If you’re adding to your sales team, your customer experience, or your customer success team, we’re here to help! In February 2022, we made a couple of changes to make it easier for employers to find the right sales and customer role talent. 

Key Metrics for Sales Talent on Hired Platform from Spring 2022

Search for Sales Talent Based on Skills

First, narrow down the list of job seekers based on the skills they’ve added to their profiles. Examples include experience within SMB, MM, ENT, or SaaS selling. Because this leads to more qualified candidates and better matches, it triggers better response rates. Sales hiring is available as an add-on to Plus plan subscribers or included with Premium

Diversity Hiring for Sales

Second, our Diversity Goals feature is now available for sales roles. If you’re like most top employers, you’re striving to build more equitable and diverse teams. Now, by clicking “help me find underrepresented candidates,” job seekers who self-report demographic information and qualify as underrepresented by the EEOC, will zip to the top of your list. 

5. New and Improved Salary Calculator

We’ve completely overhauled this tool to provide job seekers with more insights than ever when calculating their compensation value. All data comes straight from open roles on Hired. No self-reported data here. 

Hired is Always Striving to Improve the Customer and Job Seeker Experience with New Spring Product Releases

Stay up to date with these spring product releases and more by bookmarking the Hired Release Notes page! Want to join the team and support our mission to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent? Check out our Careers page!

If you’re a jobseeker and ready to find your next tech or sales role, complete your free profile today. 

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