Fall 2022 product releases

Hired's Fall 2022 Product Releases Roundup

The Latest Features on the Hired Platform

Inspired by customer feedback, the Engineering team continues to work hard to enhance the employer and jobseeker experience on Hired. Check out these new Fall 2022 product releases to make recruiting and job searching even easier with our platform!

  1. Currency selections to support global hiring
  2. Assessment updates for hiring and the job search
  3. New and improved search filtering for sales hiring 
  4. Increase the candidate pool with Passive Candidate Sourcing
  5. Connect your hiring workflow with the Workday integration

1. Currency preferences and conversion

Currency preferences and conversion fall 2022 product release

As we lean into more global hiring, we’re supporting cross-border recruiting with selections for currency. 

Now, employers can filter candidate compensation in search with their preferred currency. The platform uses the preferred currency when it shows conversions.

This update also includes seamless currency conversion options. Toggle on ‘Show currency conversions’ to view compensation in the same currency. A small currency icon indicates when compensation requirements are converted.

2. Assessment updates and expansion

We’ve expanded assessments to streamline your tech hiring or job search process! The React marketplace assessment is now available, along with a new badge for jobseekers. 

To ensure we revolve improvements around the candidate experience, assessments now include a candidate feedback survey. This configurable survey is fully customizable to your business and quantifies candidate experiences to help refine your assessments. 

Assessment updates and expansion fall 2022 product release

Is your recruiting or hiring team stretched thin proctoring assessments? Evaluate more candidates across more time zones asynchronously with Hired Assessments!

3. Enhanced search filtering for sales team hiring

We now require Sales Candidates to provide additional information about their sales experience in their profile for at least one position and encourage them to include this for all their past sales positions.

Now employers may discover new and improved search capabilities for these sales candidates based on filters including: 

  • Average deal size
  • Customer segment or company size
  • Sales cycle
  • Products sold
  • Sold to audience
  • Must have and nice-to-have skills

It appears on candidate profiles like this: 

Enhanced search filtering for sales team

Expand the recent sales experience section of the filters to expose and use these new fields. 

Easily narrow down search results to find candidates with a background closely matching the job description – without having to weed through the details of each profile. You’ll save significant time and effort. 

Tip: We recommend casting a wide net at first, and then using these filters to narrow down results.

4. Expand search results with Passive Candidate Sourcing (Beta)

Increase your candidate pool up to 10X! Passive Candidate Sourcing allows you to engage previous Hired candidates who are not actively job searching but are a match for a position. 

Our predictive modeling anticipates when candidates are ready to find a new position to better align with candidate intent. We also weigh candidate wishlist preferences to help determine the best match for the roles you’re filling. For greater convenience, all existing filters from your positions seamlessly carry over to Passive Candidate Sourcing.

Any user can now opt into the Passive Candidate Sourcing Beta!

As part of your inside look into this feature, note these key characteristics: 

  • The ‘Viewed’ icon at the bottom of the candidate card displays if they – you guessed it – have been viewed before
  • ‘Hide’ passive candidates as you would in a standard search
  • See ‘Favorited’, ‘Hidden’, and ‘Contacted’ candidates by clicking into the corresponding list at the top of the search results page
fall 2022 product release

5. Workday integration connects the hiring workflow (Beta)

Seamlessly connect Hired to your existing hiring workflow. With our new Workday integration, employers can automatically create positions from their ATS to match with more candidates. If candidates accept an interview request, the integration advances them straight into the ATS. Consider Hired and Workday a dream team!

This feature is currently in Beta with select customers. It will be available for all users in the beginning of 2023.

Hired works to improve the customer and jobseeker experience with new Fall 2022 product releases

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