One Team One Dream Corporate Offsite in Las Vegas Wins Big

One Team One Dream Corporate Offsite in Las Vegas Wins Big

After two long years, employees gathered at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel for the first corporate offsite since becoming a remote-first company. Scores of employees who’d only met over Zoom or Google Meets met, laughed, and worked together for the first time in real life. It was truly a time to celebrate the theme One Team, One Dream.

As SVP of People Strategy Sam Friedman said,
“It [was] an investment in connections and making sure the team has fun together, no matter where they sit Monday through Friday.”

Day One: So Glad to Meet You!

Team members met up at the pool or hotel restaurants to connect over a meal before congregating in a Bally’s ballroom for the official One Team One Dream Kickoff. 

We heard from CEO Josh Brenner about how much the company has grown, not just in the number of employees or customary metrics, but how far we’ve come since the merger, the onset of Covid, the transformation to a remote-first organization, and our expansion to global hiring.

We learned more about each other as survey results were revealed. It turns out, the majority of us prefer pepperoni pizza, Instagram, summer, beach vacations, and getting work done in the morning. Music tastes are pretty evenly split between R&B, Pop, and Rock, with Country in a respectable fourth place. We’re mostly coffee drinkers who prefer to work from home, which works out great for a company comprised of employees from 8 countries and 27 of the United States. 

What’s a little card trickery among friends?

Later, everyone adjourned to the fabulous Chateau Rooftop for a welcome reception and dinner. And what’s a work offsite in Vegas without showing off some dance moves and enjoying a little magic? 

Day Two: Busy Bees

The morning began with breakfast, providing additional opportunities for meeting more friends in other teams. Or, more specifically, to discuss who surprised us the most on the dance floor. 

Chief Revenue Officer Amy Pisano and SVP Marketing & Partnerships Erica Yamamoto took the stage to share more information about the state of the business. We learned about the many companies and jobseekers Hired has helped connect. We heard about jobseekers from junior web engineers to senior leadership, such as Engineering VPs and Directors, who found their dream jobs through Hired.

Amy and Erica shared wonderful testimonials from customers, from: 

“The Hired customer success team is second to none,” 

“I save so much time on sourcing because of the high response rate. Changed the way I recruit and so helpful,” to

“Hired is saving my life.”

Erica also shared stories about the specific experiences of jobseekers, many of whom come from non-traditional backgrounds or have joined tech as a second career. It’s all such powerful motivation as part of our mission to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent.

Hard at work to build bikes for kids

Building Bikes

We were privileged to receive a visit from Christina Vela, chief executive director of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. She shared a lot about this amazing organization near Las Vegas providing residential services, counseling, and support for children and young adults.

We broke into teams, then answered questions and provided items in our possession, “Let’s Make a Deal” style, to earn “coins.”

With the coins, we “purchased” our bike kits and tools before racing to assemble them. Completely and safely, of course. Don’t worry – all finished bikes received an inspection. Teams designed cards to accompany the bikes to their new owners at St. Jude’s Ranch. 

Working Lunch & Team Breakout

Employees reconvened with their department teams to brainstorm and collaborate on new ideas for tech, revenue, marketing, finance, strategic ops, and people initiatives. 

Amazing Chase Team Building

If you didn’t know your coworkers with the biggest competitive streaks during bike building, the Amazing Chase brought – it – out. 

Newly formed teams took assigned iPads and set off to score as many points as possible in the time allotted by recording photos or videos of assigned items or actions, scavenger hunt style. 

Teams raced up and down the Strip, through tunnels, by monorail, and through multiple casinos and hotels to check off what they could. Many people closed their rings that day, no doubt. Congrats to all the teams!

The winning team earned bragging rights and cool medals!

That’s Entertainment!

Everyone enjoyed dinner at the open-air restaurant Alexxa and plenty of people-watching. Later, we enjoyed Cirque du Soleil’s “O,” at the Bellaggio. The visually stunning performance was incredible and many agreed it was their favorite event of the week. 

Day Three: See Ya Real Soon!

Thursday morning VP of Product Hector Angulo took the stage to share his perspective and information about development projects on the roadmap. So many exciting features to come!

Then it was time for the OTOD 2022 Official Closing Ceremonies. Whether heading home or hopping over to LA for a long weekend, everyone agreed the offsite exceeded their expectations. 

Big, big thanks to our people team and everyone who helped put the event together. We can’t wait to do it again!

The UK Team heads home with matching souvenir Las Vegas neck pillows.

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