Jobseeker Testimonials

What jobseekers say about the Hired talent marketplace for their tech and sales job search.
I was fortunate in that the first company that got in touch for an interview ended up being the one I joined. If you haven’t had much luck with your job search, give Hired a try.
Gian F.
iOS Engineer
Using Hired made the job search process completely stress free! I was able to not only set up my profile but also set up preferences for what my desired company would look like.
Domenic M.
Frontend Engineer
Hired democratizes the experience much more since a job search is an honest two-way assessment for both parties to assess fit.
Sandy Z.
Product Designer
It was nice to have a streamlined process for recruiters to reach out to me in a structured way rather than me having to apply to many different companies.
Alyssa C.
Sr. Software Engineer
Very easy and intuitive platform for Software Engineers to seek their next job. It's simple and hassle-free to manage all upcoming interviews, compared to traditional approaches that involve speaking with the recruiters back and forth.
Le Danny Y.
Software Engineer
Hired has played an integral part of my interviewing and hiring process. I am so grateful a platform like Hired exists and could benefit anyone on the job hunt. I just celebrated my one month work anniversary at my new job, and I have Hired to thank for that!
Jess J.
Application Engineer
I was astonished by how simple Hired's process was. Hired was able to land me multiple promising interviews with renowned companies. I was only alerted by Hired if a company was interested in interview me, which was such a refreshing change of pace from the traditional job searching process.
Frank B.
Data Engineer
If you’re looking for a job in tech, give it a try. You have high chances of finding a great match for your profile... Hired got me my best offer after searching for jobs on multiple platforms.
Ricardo X.
Software Engineer
Looking for a job isn't usually an altogether pleasant experience. With Hired, though, the entire process was streamlined, and everything went extremely smoothly from my perspective. I managed to get multiple interviews (and follow-up interviews) almost immediately after signing up.
Justin H.
Fullstack Engineer
Fantastic platform for finding and filtering several Software Engineering opportunities. Hired saves time by letting you review incoming opportunities with all of the tangible information visible from the very beginning. This transparency coupled with excellent scheduling features lets you focus on measuring the intangibles rather than wading through the weeds.
Gale S.
Software Engineer
Using Hired was very convenient and easy. I felt that companies were vying for my attention instead of the other way around. I was matched with a great company and the interview process was smooth.
Moaz H.
Sr. Data Engineer
Hired allowed me to connect with a company that not only valued me as a candidate but genuinely made me feel like I was wanted. After a truly exhausting job search I was able to easily find the right fit for me using the platform. It was quick and painless.
Ruben M.
Software Engineer
Hired was super good for my job search! Companies applied to me. Plus, I knew the salary before having to struggle in an interview to find out how much they’d offer.
Autumn S.
Site Reliability Engineer
The Hired interface is clean and easy to navigate for communicating and scheduling with prospective employers. Thanks to [Hired], I found a good company to work and collaborate with, and am now working again with the technology I love!
Juan G.
Frontend Engineer
Hired made my interview process simple and straightforward. Within days of filling out my profile, I was receiving interview requests from companies that were great matches for what I was looking for.
Jeff C.

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