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Evaluate and identify better tech talent, remotely with assessments covering top languages and frameworks. Standardize your hiring processes while benchmarking candidates.

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Hiring and talent planning is strategic for us and plays a key role in our business strategy here at Medium. That's why Hired's dependable pipeline of tech talent coupled with technical assessments has been instrumental in transforming our hiring process, making it predictable, measurable and efficient.
Brian Zotter
Head of Product Engineering at Medium

Why Hired Assessments?

Save engineering hours

Replace initial live technical phone screens with automated technical assessments for all your candidates.


Assess candidates remotely and in real time

LiveChallenges, our pair programming challenges, can be executed live and online, so technical phone screens and onsites can be done fully remotely.


Reduce hiring bias

Standardize your evaluation processes and reduce hiring bias by leveling the playing field and evaluating candidates with relevant, valuable, and consistent questions.

reduce bias

Scale and standardize your evaluation processes

Build standard assessments from a library of hundreds of unique questions you won’t find anywhere else. Customize challenges tailored to your technical preferences.


With Hired Assessments, you also get access to:


LiveChallenge to run code in real-time


Take Home Projects that you can automate


Front-end framework support like React, AngularJS and Vue


Insight on how to improve challenges


Pipeline conversion rates


Score distribution results


Automatically graded candidate reports


Full keystroke video playback


Anti-cheating capabilities


Easy to share candidates results


ATS Integrations

Trusted by public companies and startups alike.

  • Liveramp success story
  • atrium
  • factual
  • snapdocs
  • bird
  • bandwidth
  • niantic
"Technical assessments are a valuable tool for candidates to showcase their skills to employers because it goes beyond explaining what you do on a resume... it shows the employers how skilled you really are! We always recommend that candidates complete assessments as a supplement to their resumes and portfolios, and it's a great conversation starter with employers."
Lupe Colangelo
Employer Partnerships Manager
General Assembly

Hired Assessments

Evaluate and identify better tech talent, faster.

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