What’s new in Product Updates

A rundown of the latest Hired features, product enhancements, design updates, and bug fixes.

AI-Built Positions from ATS

March 21, 2024

Create positions faster than ever! Once an ATS Job is linked during position creation, Hired’s AI will automatically parse the Job Description to auto-populate key fieldsincluding skills, salary, and location. 

Salary Improvements for Global Jobseekers

February 06, 2024

Hiring is going more global by the day! To facilitate this shift, our product now supports several new currencies, including:
  • Rupee
  • Argentine Peso
  • Zloty
  • Mexican Peso
  • Real
  • Colombian Peso
  • Rand
  • Hungarian Forint
  • Romanian Leu
To avoid confusion when seeking international job opportunities, we recommend listing your minimum base salary assuming you are not relocating from your home location.

New Ways to Source by Skill

December 11, 2023

We’re happy to announce 2 new enhancements to skill-based sourcing on Hired:
  1. Our new “Must have at least one” search field(s) allow you to easily do “OR” filtering on Hired without the need for Boolean strings.
  2. Candidate profiles now display skills by work history entry so you can see when and where skills were last used at a glance.
Together these features help you connect with the most relevant candidates for roles where skill-based experience is a must have. Create a new position or modify an existing one today to check them out.

Better Matching for On-site and Hybrid Roles

November 16, 2023

It’s our goal to provide you with the best matching around. That’s why we’ve made it possible to differentiate between fully on-site and hybrid roles. Additionally, profile previews for hybrid candidates now display how many days per week they are willing to work on-site so you can avoid talent that doesn’t meet your in-office needs. To get started, simply create a new position or open the filters for an existing position and click On-site or Hybrid to make your selection. For both on-site and hybrid roles, you can select up to 8 locations and limit candidates based on their proximity to your selected locations by radius.

New Cloud and Cybersecurity Engineer specialties

October 03, 2023

Hired now has dedicated specialties for Cloud and Cybersecurity Engineers, making these candidates easier to search and filter for. To tap into these brand new pools of candidates, simply create a new position and select the role you’re looking for. The Cybersecurity specialty can be found under “Software Engineering” and the Cloud Engineer specialty can be found under “Developer Operations (DevOps)”. New Cloud and Cybersecurity candidates are added daily!