What’s new in Product Updates

A rundown of the latest Hired features, product enhancements, design updates, and bug fixes.

Teamtailor Integration

March 23, 2023

At Hired, we’re constantly striving to make your hiring process easier and more efficient. That’s why we’re excited to let you know you are now able to integrate with Teamtailor!

  • With the Teamtailor integration, your Hired candidates will automatically push to your ATS so you can simplify your interview process tracking. See the full Help Center Article on how this feature works.
  • Save yourself valuable sourcing time by seeing which Hired candidates already exist in your ATS before you reach out, view Hired messages in your ATS, and more. Get started here.

Deeper ATS integrations

February 01, 2023

Hired continues to invest in deepening our ATS integrations in order to make it easier than ever to hire. We have just launched two major enhancements:

  • Once enabled, you will now see a new badge on candidate profiles when the candidate already exists in your ATS system. Hovering the ATS badge will show the last time the candidate was updated in your ATS. From the expanded profile the user will see a new 'ATS profile' box above the IVR form. Clicking 'Show in ATS' will take you directly to the candidate's profile in your ATS. See the full Help Center Article on how this feature works.
  • Messages you send to a candidate can now be seen in the employer's ATS. Once enabled, all messages sent from Hired to the candidate will be able to be seen inside your ATS. This feature is available for Greenhouse and Workable users. See this help center article for more details about where these messages can be seen in each ATS.

Easier first interview scheduling

January 17, 2023

We have made scheduling the first interview directly through Hired easier for clients and jobseekers. This speeds up the time to the first interview and increases the chances that a jobseeker will select an interview time by 2.5x.

  • We made it easier to integrate your calendar directly with Hired so that candidates can pick an interview time when they accept the request.
  • We now allow you to share your availability with candidates even after the interview request was sent.
  • We made it easier for clients to schedule an interview using the candidate's availability.

Filter for assessed candidates

January 10, 2023

Hired's new search filter now allows employers to search for candidates that have passed one or more specific assessments.

Under the new "Assessments" filter section is a dropdown to select one or multiple badge types to filter the candidates in the position search results.

New Sales Filter Options

September 15, 2022

When hiring for Sales candidates you can now search for candidates based on their Sales experience. These include:
    • Average deal size
    • Customer segment
    • Sales cycle
    • Products sold
    • Level sold to
You can also select an additional filter to narrow down the results include candidates only if this experience is found in their most recent job. Drilling into the profile will allow you to see a summary of the additional sales information for all experiences where the candidate has provided this information. The skills filters have also been expanded to include common sales skills such as Mentorship, Negotiation, Prospecting, etc.