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Software Engineer Trends in 2024

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Top software engineer tech skills, hottest roles, highest paying markets, and more

Each year we produce research on Software Engineer trends in the marketplace. This year, we tossed the 50+ pages gated report out the window. Instead, we’re publishing articles covering software engineer trends in an easier-to-read and share format. We’re starting with trends in software engineer and developer tech skills. Next, we’ll explore the shift in software engineer specializations, or subrole, as they’re called on the Hired tech recruitment platform.

AI and GenAI are big, broad topics, but we’re diving into them. We’ll ask subject matter experts about AI’s impact on software engineering roles within an organization and on functions and processes. What do employers need to know for their tech recruiting and how can software engineers leverage it to be valued employees and competitive job candidates? We’ll find out.

Next we’ll reveal new data on software engineer salaries. We’ll break it down by software engineer specialization, which tech skills garner higher compensation, and how salaries vary based on location. Then, we’ll examine which tech job markets are most attractive to employers and jobseekers. We’ll also share research on workplace models and compare which are favored by employers versus software engineers.

Join us, as we explore Software Engineer trends in 2024.

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Software Engineer Specializations Trends: 2024 Report

Trends in Software Engineer Specializations: 2024 Report

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