Hired honored with 14 awards from G2 in Summer Round

G2 Honors Hired with 14 Awards in Job Search Sites, Recruiting Automation, & Diversity Recruiting for Summer 2022

Hired is excited to announce multiple recognitions from G2 in the 2022 Best Software Awards. G2 is the largest tech marketplace for people to discover, review and manage the technology software they need to empower decisions for their business. G2’s annual Best Software List ranks the world’s best software companies and products based on trusted reviews from real users. 

In the Spring quarter, G2 awarded Hired as an overall “Leader” in the Job Search Sites, Recruiting Automation, and Diversity Recruiting categories. 

Hired Wins More G2 Awards for Summer 2022  

Job Search Sites

Job search sites connect employers with job seekers all on one platform. At Hired we bridge the gap between top companies and 1000+ active tech candidates to make hiring more efficient. 

Hired qualifies for this category because our solution: 

  • Enables employers to publish job posts with details on open positions
  • Filters job posts based on designated criteria, such as location or industry
  • Provides search tools that enable job seekers to find relevant employment opportunities
Hired wins G2 Awards for summer 2022 in Job Search Sites category
  • Leader – Overall
  • High Performer – Small Business
  • High Performer – Enterprise
  • Momentum Leader – Overall

Recruiting Automation

Recruiting automation software allows companies to avoid manually sourcing qualified job candidates. It makes things easy for HR personnel, hiring managers, and recruiters as they manage candidate pipelines! 

Hired qualifies for this category because we: 

  • Streamline and simplify the recruiting process
  • Provide automated AI sourcing to identify passive qualified talent
  • Build up-to-date talent pools for open and future roles
  • Create and track candidate engagement
Hired wins G2 Awards for summer 2022 in Recruiting Automation category
  • Leader – Overall
  • Leader – Enterprise
  • Leader – Mid-Market

Diversity Recruiting

Diversity recruiting software allows companies to automate sourcing qualified applicant pools for job openings and remove unconscious bias during the recruiting and interviewing process. 

Hired’s Bias Reduction Mode is just one of the DEI features that helps employers focus on information relevant to a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job and reduce the impact of bias when sourcing applicants. 

Hired qualifies for this category because our platform has features to: 

  • Improve diversity throughout the hiring process
  • Eliminate unconscious bias from the candidate funnel
  • Identify candidates from underrepresented groups
  • Measure diversity hiring initiatives
Hired wins G2 awards for summer 2022 in Diversity Recruiting category
  • Easiest Setup – Mid-Market
  • Most Implementable – Mid-Market
  • Best Relationship – Mid-Market
  • Leader  – Overall
  • Leader – Mid-Market
  • High Performer – Small Business
  • High Performer – Enterprise

Praise from Hired Users on G2

Good talent pool, Made some great hires with hired!” – User in Telecommunications. “I do like the talent pool that Hired provides…we have been able to make several hires through their channels this year. The UI and Salary expectations help with filtering and finding the right fit and people that are ready to move into a new role.”

“User-friendly platform with quality, active candidates,” – Clarissa M., Recruiter. “The platform is very user-friendly, easy to understand, and has very useful features for sourcing. We have a great rep that is always available to help with issues, searches, and strategize with our team.”

How G2 Determines the Summer 2022 Awards

Over 60 million people each year use G2 to read and write authentic reviews about 100,000+ software products and services. G2 has published nearly 1.7 million reviews and counting to help people around the world make intelligent buying decisions.

“Our annual Best Software List aims to guide buyers on their purchasing decisions, knowing they can trust in the credibility and objectivity of our scoring algorithms,” said Godard Abel, co-founder and CEO, G2.

The top 100 software sellers are ranked based on a combination of Satisfaction and Market Presence scores for each seller, and the top 100 products are rated based on reviews across all categories they are a part of. 

To be included in a G2 Software Sellers or Software Products “Best Of” list, an entity must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2021 calendar year. Scores only include data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period. 

Use Hired for Instant Access to a Curated Pool of Responsive Top Tech and Sales Talent

Hired is the most efficient way to fill tech and sales roles today. With unbiased insights, DEI tools, skill assessments, and dedicated Customer Success Managers, Hired works with over 10,000 companies around the world to match thousands of active and qualified candidates to employ their full potential. 

With better data, curated matches, and higher acceptance rates, employers save an average of 45 sourcing hours per role with the Hired solutions suite. This helps employers expand their talent pools and diversify their teams while streamlining the hiring process. It’s all part of the Hired mission to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent.

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