What is Hired.com?

What is Hired.com?

What is Hired or Hired.com? 

When employers or jobseekers ask, ‘What is Hired.com,’ we say it’s the most efficient way to fill (and find) tech and sales roles today. Hired works with 10,000+ companies to match thousands of active and qualified candidates to employ their full potential. 

Backed by The Adecco Group, Hired is rated by G2 as a leader in Recruiting Automation, Job Search Sites, and Diversity Recruiting. Hired is committed to building equity in the hiring process through a more representative talent pool, using bias reduction features, customized assessments, and salary bias alerts to help remove unconscious bias when hiring.

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Hired is a curated marketplace for the world’s tech and sales workers. That’s right – the world. In the spring of 2022, Hired shifted from a traditional tech hub market model following a growing demand for remote work. Now, employers connect with jobseekers from 150+ countries. 

As a two-sided marketplace, Hired supports both candidates and employers, empowering a streamlined relationship between the two. 

What is Hired.com for jobseekers? Companies apply to you 

Currently, the platform focuses on matching mid-level and senior-level talent including software engineers, product managers, data scientists, designers, and sales professionals with employers. The goal is to find you a job you’ll love. 

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Hired also has the resources to help you get there. Find anything from interview tips to resume help on the Hired blog. Hired’s annual data reports are more valuable sources of information when it comes to national hiring trends and changes in salary within the job market. For some more hands-on, live-action involvement, Hired also offers events from coding challenges to panel discussions. Save your spot in the next one!

The Hired marketplace in action

When you sign up, Hired uses intelligent matching algorithms to quickly match you with the perfect companies and role. When your profile is visible on the platform (we pull the stage curtains back and you go live!), it’s searchable by companies looking to fill open roles. Employers can view your profile and send you interview requests, or IVRs, if they believe you’re a good fit.

So, it’s true: companies apply to you. 

Platform jobseekers match with top employers thanks to better data, preference curation, and compensation transparency. 

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Here’s the process in a few simple steps: 

  1. Create your profile (it’s free!)
  2. Once approved, your profile is promoted to employers ‌for at least two weeks
  3. When the platform sees a good fit, an employer sees you in their matches and requests an interview
  4. Compare offers side by side 
  5. Say “yes” to your dream job

Throughout the process, Hired’s Candidate Experience Team offers personalized guidance to advocate for jobseekers throughout the search. From profile polishing to interview prep after the interview requests start rolling in, they’re ready to lend support.   

Think about how much time you’ve spent applying to jobs (and waiting to hear back). Hired introduces a refreshing spin on the search — free of applications and cover letters. Most jobseekers on Hired – 84%, in fact – accept a job offer through the platform. 

What is Hired.com for employers? Instant access to top talent

Hired empowers organizations to easily surface and connect with the best talent for their needs.  The platform supports employers of all industries, types, sizes, and funding, from Fortune 500 companies to new start-ups. 

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Employers access highly qualified talent with thousands of skills across 50+ tech and sales roles. Find software engineers, product managers, CX managers, account managers, and more. All candidates are vetted for experience, skills, and salary requirements. 

On candidate profiles, employers see exactly what they need to know. This includes candidates’ salary expectations and work preferences upfront for more transparent negotiations.

Unbiased insights, DEI tools, skill assessments, and dedicated Customer Success Managers through Hired equip employers with everything they need to fill open roles efficiently and reduce the cost of vacancy (COV)

With better data, curated matches, and higher acceptance rates, employers save time and money with Hired’s suite of solutions. We’ll let some of the data do the talking:

  • 90k interviews in the past year
  • 80% candidate response rate
  • 45 hours of sourcing time saved per hire

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What is Hired.com doing to support skill-based hiring over pedigree? 

Technical Assessments

After the initial phone screens, Hired assessments enforce skills-based hiring by helping employers remotely evaluate applicants’ technical skills remotely with customizable relevant, valuable, and consistent questions. Run programming challenges in real-time or asynchronously, always with a complete coding playback.

Hired assessments help reduce hiring bias by leveling the playing field and standardizing evaluation processes. It also helps free up tech recruiters and hiring managers from live proctoring.

Assessing asynchronously makes a better experience for jobseekers by accommodating their schedules and reducing the anxiety of in-person testing. Plus, employers may evaluate greater numbers of candidates across multiple time zones. Jobseekers showcase their skills while employers get the insights they need to find a better fit, faster.

DEI Tools for Hiring

The platform includes several matching features to mitigate all forms of bias. 

  • Prioritize outreach to underrepresented talent, without removing relevant matching candidates. Easily surface more of these jobseekers to recruiters and hiring managers
  • The Salary Bias Alert feature addresses wage equality goals by notifying employers if they are offering a lower salary than they typically do for a given job role. This helps eliminate the impact of bias on a job offer and holds employers accountable.
  • Bias, even when it’s not conscious, can impact sourcing decisions. Activating Bias Reduction Mode removes jobseekers’ profile pictures and names so employers focus evaluations solely on skills and experience. 
  • See how the DEI features help improve hiring with a demo.

Transforming tech and sales talent hiring 

So, what is Hired.com? It’s one way we’re making hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent. We have a bold vision and are actively making strides toward it with a solution for both jobseekers and employers. The Hired platform embodies a win-win scenario in which employers connect with top talent seeking their dream jobs. See how we’re improving the platform with our latest product releases.

Are you a jobseeker looking for your next tech or sales role? Complete a free profile through Hired once, and let employers request to interview you!

Are you an employer seeking top talent? Get a customized demo for your unique needs.