Partner Spotlight: Coding Bootcamps & Non-Traditional Education for Tech Talent

Partner Spotlight: Coding Bootcamps & Non-Traditional Education for Tech Talent

Hire for skills, not status, with the help of Hired’s partners

Hired’s 2023 State of Software Engineers report found an increasing number of jobseekers learning to code through non-traditional means, such as coding bootcamps. At Hired we firmly believe in skill-based hiring. So, we partner with organizations that prepare jobseekers with the tools and resources to be “job ready” in today’s workforce. 

In this article, you’ll find an overview of Hired’s impressive alternative education partners. Each is committed to creating a more equitable world of work inclusive of diverse perspectives and absent of pedigree bias.

US-Based Coding Bootcamps and Courses for Tech Talent


Pathstream partners with leading technology companies to build digital skills career programs delivered through university partnerships. Built by educators, engineers, designers, and doers who care about democratizing access to best-in-class learning, Pathstream programs help students from all backgrounds gain marketable skills in as little as four months, no prerequisites required. 

Students can choose from four certificates, Tableau Data Analytics, Salesforce Admin, Facebook Digital Marketing, and Asana Project Management.

  • Jobseekers interested in checking out Pathstream’s curriculum can apply here

Per Scholas

Per Scholas believes a thriving workforce starts with equitable access to education by providing rigorous training for underrepresented people in technology at no cost. With 17 national locations, and more than 25 years in business, Per Scholas contributes to the economic development of entire regions by delivering technical training to thousands of new learners and partnering with hundreds of employers. 

Courses range with a focus in Cloud, Cybersecurity, Information Technology (IT), and Software Engineering. Read more about Per Scholas in our Partner Spotlight!

  • Jobseekers interested in checking out Per Scholas’s curriculum can apply here
  • Employers can find Per Scholas graduates by searching “Per Scholas” in the keyword search on Hired.

European-Based Coding Bootcamps and Courses for Tech Talent


Students at Boolean come as beginners and graduate as highly skilled Fullstack Developers with 900+ hours of coding experience. Boolean strives to make training in the tech field more accessible and smart, giving everyone the opportunity to create a career from scratch. Over 1300 companies across Europe have hired Boolean graduates, a testament to the quality of the course’s curriculum. Read more about Boolean in our Partner Spotlight!

  • Jobseekers interested in checking out Boolean’s curriculum can apply here.
  • Employers can find Boolean graduates by searching “Boolean” in the keyword search on Hired.


CodeYourFuture, a UK- based non-profit organization trains refugees and other disadvantaged people to become full-stack web developers. Students are trained by professional volunteer developers from the industry, emphasizing collaboration and product development through tech projects. CYF’s community takes the lead, shares ideas and creates change together. Read more about CYF in our Partner Spotlight!

  • Jobseekers interested in checking out CodeYourFuture’s curriculum can apply here.
  • Employers can find CodeYourFuture graduates by searching “CodeYourFuture or CYF or Code Your Future” in the keyword search on Hired.


Makers is creating a new generation of skilled tech talent ready for the changing world of tech. Since its inception 10 years ago, Makers has helped thousands of students unlock their potential through a 16-week intensive developer coding bootcamp course. Makers stresses the importance of holistic learning so graduates possess the technical skills needed to succeed in the workforce as well as a mastery in curiosity and collaboration. Read more about Makers in our Partner Spotlight!

Globally-Distributed Coding Bootcamps and Courses for Tech Talent


2U powers engaging and interactive undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students to improve their lives on a schedule that works for them. At 2U, courses go beyond traditional learning management systems. They provide a world-class online higher education by using tech, people, and data to eliminate “the back row.” Every student has the opportunity to shine and be challenged to be their best self. 

Students may enroll in full time programs to learn a new set of skills from scratch or participate in a shorter term certificate to upskill. Read more about 2U in our Partner Spotlight!

  • Jobseekers interested in checking out 2U’s courses can learn more here.

General Assembly

Hired’s sister company General Assembly (GA) serves as a pioneer in education and career transformation by specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. General Assembly offers a wide variety of courses with curriculum covering code, UX, data, marketing & product

Developed by industry experts, these courses are tailored to meet the needs of top employers, therefore setting up graduates as highly employable. Read more about GA in our Partner Spotlight!


One of Hired’s newest partners, Ironhack, offers immersive learning experiences in Web Development, UI/UX, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity across the world. Ironhack has helped thousands of students reach their potential in a new tech career through their courses. 

Ironhack’s higher purpose is to transform the education space with customer-centricity and a focus on outcomes.

  • Jobseekers interested in checking out Ironhacks’s curriculum can apply here.
  • Employers can find Ironhack graduates by searching “Ironhack” in the keyword search on Hired.

Coding Bootcamp and Non-traditional Education Round Up Wrap Up

The bottom line? Defining “qualified for a role” as holding a four-year degree means missing out on over half of today’s software engineers. That’s why top companies like Apple, Google, and Tesla have done away with only hiring engineers and developers from “traditional” backgrounds. They now embrace skills-based hiring as the true means to finding the most capable candidates. 

At Hired, we highly encourage our employers to reject pedigree bias and embrace our bootcamp partners to find the most qualified candidates currently seeking their next opportunity.

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Originally published May 26, 2022, revised June 30, 2023.