Desktop Support Salary in Washington D.C.

Desktop Support Job Description

Desktop support engineers or technicians typically require a bachelor's or associate's degree in information technology or other related fields. They're professionals who solve problems associated with an organization‰Ûªs computers and laptops. Desktop support engineers usually work as part of a helpdesk team. They also handle concerns with security issues and servers affecting business networks. These support techs report to senior engineers or system administrators and sometimes supervise junior employees. They're usually the first to be called when something goes awry.

Desktop support engineers help organizations through their network or computer issues that happen during the day. They sometimes have to travel along with picking up equipment in order to assess and solve a problem. Desktop support techs should be knowledgeable in the set up and troubleshooting of user accounts, software and domains. They also work on troubleshooting network systems and wireless access for local and remote devices or computers for an organization's staff.

Living and Working in Washington, DC

Washington DC's economy is built on government, education and of course tourism. This city is home to 176 foreign embassies. Washington has a large amount of lobbying groups, professional associations and national trade unions. It's host to international organizations like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Washington is filled with politicians and a new-found cosmopolitan vibe. It has lots of monuments and museums to visit, as well as prestigious universities. The nation's capital is home to all three branches of the federal government. Visitors come from all over to visit the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. There's also public transportation for residents to easily get to their destination.

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