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Systems Administrator Job Description

Systems administrators or SysAdmins are responsible for maintaining the computer systems of organizations to ensure reliable operation. They understand network services, resource requirements for applications and access controls. SysAdmins handle software upgrades, backup procedures and patches. They also provide technical support within an organization, as well as supervise and train staff. SysAdmins do routine automation and troubleshoot to ensure multi-user computers and servers are running smoothly. These technicians may have certifications such as Oracle Linux System Administrator, Microsoft MCSE, CompTIA and RHCE (Red Hat). They possess a good knowledge of applications and operating systems.

SysAdmins should also communicate well with colleagues to relay necessary information while making suggestions to get tasks completed. In some organizations they're also referred to as ASE (application support engineers) or SysOps (system operators). Systems administrators usually have a degree or training in computer engineering, information technology, computer science and other related fields.

Living and Working in Washington, D.C.

Host to 176 foreign embassies, Washington, DC is the nation's capital. Its economy is built on government, education and of course tourism. This city is home to international organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Washington also has plenty of lobbying groups, professional associations and national trade unions.

Washington, DC has a cosmopolitan vibe and plenty of festivals and events during the year. There are many museums and historic monuments to see, such as the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. There's also robust public transportation, making it easy to get to your destination.

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