An equitable workforce starts with equitable hiring

A note from our CEO

We’re on a mission to get everyone a job they love. This means we’re also dedicated to helping create inclusive, equitable places to work. With unique access to data and the opportunity to work with thousands of companies, we provide resources and support to the broader community, taking steps together towards a more equitable future.
Salary Transparency

Empowering Equal Pay

Let’s face facts: pay disparity is real. There are numbers to prove it, so we’re using numbers to solve it. Instead of self-reported salaries, we analyze actual offers to reveal how tech workers are impacted by wage gaps. Then, we use these learnings to educate job seekers, and companies, in the quest to achieve equal pay.

Championing Equity & Inclusion

Equity and inclusion rely on consistent conversations about how to be better. We help companies have these conversations, and lead them towards opportunities to eliminate bias throughout their hiring processes. We collaborate on strategic playbooks and actionable plans that empower them to build an increasingly diverse workforce.

Building a Brighter Future Together

Making a global impact on equity and inclusion can’t be done alone. That’s why we engage with external organizations who share our vision for a future where everyone has an equal opportunity to find a meaningful career. These partnerships allow us to amplify our message and accelerate industry change.