Salaries in London

London is a leader in the European tech scene, driven by the desire to access the incredible talent pool of over 800,00 professional developers. London is the #1 destination for tech talent coming into and across Europe and also has a steady stream of top tech talent coming out of Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and UCL. Both international and UK-based firms center in London to take advantage of access to that talent. Notable companies in London include UK headquarters for many major international companies like Google, Microsoft and Oracle as well as locally based firms such as Canonical, Huddle and Qubit.
We don't have enough data for London,
so we've calculated your salary information for the San Francisco Bay Area instead:
Based on real Hired interview data, tech workers in London earn an average annual salary of
Based on real Hired interview data, tech workers in SF Bay Area earn an average annual salary of
The salaries of candidates in this role range from a low of £102 to a high of £229,356, with a median salary of £95,565.


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