Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Letter from our CEO & SVP of People

If you were to ask any of our employees what it is that they love most about working at Hired, most, if not all, of them would tell you that it’s the passion for our mission of getting everyone a job they love. We see the job searching process as fundamentally broken, and we feel fortunate to be in a unique position to help both candidates and the employers hiring them make a decision that holds such significance in people’s lives.

"Everyday industry-leading companies come to us for help building their teams and amazingly talented people come to us to help them find their next opportunity. Alongside the excitement that comes from facilitating job matches between these two groups, we feel a deep sense of responsibility. That responsibility is to make sure that we truly are delivering on our mission to get everyone a job they love. This means leveling the playing field, so that candidates are assessed and compensated solely on their skills and abilities. It means helping to eliminate bias from the hiring and interview process, working to close the wage gap, and championing the value of diversity and inclusion so that every talented individual has access to the same opportunities."

Internally at Hired, it also means doing the hard but necessary work of making sure that we are practicing what we preach. For this reason, we have committed to publish our internal workforce demographics and wage gap data by role every six months. We are big believers in the importance of transparency at all levels of hiring and compensation processes, and this is our way of holding ourselves accountable and ensuring that we are internally living the values we champion externally. We believe that building a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce takes time -- not just months or quarters, but years -- and this is just one step in our long journey.

We hope you’ll join us.

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Mehul Patel, CEO

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Kelli Dragovich, SVP People

Diversity at Hired

In order to transform hiring practices and promote equal access to opportunity worldwide, we know we must build a more diverse and inclusive Hired team. We pledge to increase the diversity of our own teams, starting with sharing where we are now.

Gender Identity

Gender identity


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Hired's Wage Gap Data 2017

This visual compares average salaries of Hired’s male and female employees by level and function.


Engineering: 5.5% gap - women paid more


Marketing: 1.2% gap - women paid more


Sales: 0.3% gap - women paid more


Talent Advocacy: - 1.3% gap - women paid less

Last year, we ran our gap analyses within our four core functions: Sales, Talent Advocacy, Marketing and Engineering as an aggregate report. This year, we took a different approach. We ran separate gap analyses within our four core functions. Overall, the data shows that women are paid more on average in our Sales (0.3% gap - women paid more), Marketing (1.2% gap - women paid more) and Engineering roles (5.5% gap - women paid more), while men are paid more on average in Talent Advocacy roles (-1.3% gap - women paid less)

Gaps reflect outcomes of our internal talent assessment processes and will be reviewed every six months with our talent review cycle. Our ultimate goal is pay equality and objectivity and we are dedicated to continuing the conversation internally to move us towards this goal.

How we are creating a culture and practice of inclusion

Increase Transparency

By sharing industry data and insights, Hired empowers candidates with the information they need to understand their value in the workplace. Hired is committed to sharing our unique data to help shine a light on industry-wide trends like the gender wage gap and to closing the expectation gap with tools like our salary calculator.

Combating Bias

Hired has a unique opportunity to create technology that removes bias at every step of the hiring process and helps companies build talented, diverse teams. Starting with our bias elimination tool, Hired is committed to the ongoing development of products and features that eliminate bias and engender inclusive hiring practices.

Including All Voices

We believe that the best work is done when we are invited to bring our whole selves to work every day. Hired employees are encouraged to explore our Employee Resources Groups, join those they align or identify with, and/or create new groups. We are excited to have various teams dedicated to our diversity efforts. Additionally, we pledge to participate and foster important conversations about diversity in the workplace, and to expand our partnership efforts with organizations like Girls Who Code. Have an idea for a partnership?

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