Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Letter from our CEO & SVP of People

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are requirements for innovation. Sameness doesn’t drive anything forward. Sameness ensures mediocrity. Diversity, however, is a force multiplier. Diversity is not a growth hack. Diversity is a pillar of humanity.

Hired’s mission is a call to arms. In order to deliver on our promise to get everyone a job they love, we first must work to make sure everyone has equal access to such opportunities. Hired must be a driver of change to eliminate bias, increase transparency, and champion diversity among the teams that make up every company throughout the world. We must practice what we preach, and we must preach without ceasing.

Hired has the unique opportunity to change the way the world works (literally). Every week, high-growth startups and industry-leading companies build their teams with talented people on our platform. We have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to ensure that every part of the hiring process on Hired.com is inclusive and clear of bias. Above and beyond eliminating bias, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable and doing the necessary work of looking inward.

For this reason, we are holding up a mirror to ourselves and releasing our diversity numbers. We feel that this is an important first step in promoting transparency around this issue and widening our collective world views. But we see it as exactly that: a first step. We know that true Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a process that takes time -- not just months or quarters, but years -- and this is the beginning of our journey. We hope you'll join us.

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Mehul Patel, CEO

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Kelli Dragovich, SVP People

Diversity at Hired

In order to transform hiring practices and promote equal access to opportunity worldwide, we know we must build a more diverse and inclusive Hired team. We pledge to increase the diversity of our own teams, starting with sharing where we are now.

Gender Identity

Gender identity


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Hired's Wage Gap Data

This visual compares average salaries of Hired’s male and female employees by level and function.

Non-tech Employees at Hired

Average Salaries by Company Level

Non tech wage graph

Tech Employees at Hired

Average Salaries by Company Level

Tech wage graph

The majority of levels show no statistically significant wage gap. Overall, the data shows that women in non technical roles are paid on average 3% less and women in technical roles are paid 5% less than men at the same company level. Gaps reflect outcomes of our internal talent assessment processes and will be reviewed every six months with our talent review cycle.

How we are creating a culture and practice of inclusion

Increase Transparency

By sharing industry data and insights, Hired empowers candidates with the information they need to understand their value in the workplace. Hired is committed to sharing our unique data to help shine a light on industry-wide trends like the gender wage gap and to closing the expectation gap with tools like our salary calculator.

Combating Bias

Hired has a unique opportunity to create technology that removes bias at every step of the hiring process and helps companies build talented, diverse teams. Starting with our bias elimination tool, Hired is committed to the ongoing development of products and features that eliminate bias and engender inclusive hiring practices.

Including All Voices

We believe that the best work is done when we are invited to bring our whole selves to work every day. Hired employees are encouraged to explore our Employee Resources Groups, join those they align or identify with, and/or create new groups. We are excited to have various teams dedicated to our diversity efforts. Additionally, we pledge to participate and foster important conversations about diversity in the workplace, and to expand our partnership efforts with organizations like Girls Who Code. Have an idea for a partnership?

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