Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
at Hired

Building an equitable future

As a company, Hired strives to foster an inclusive work environment. We aspire to have each and every one of our colleagues love their work and feel that they belong. We want to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate how our individual differences and diverse experiences add value to our overall team. To make this possible, we believe that we must strive to ensure that our workplace, and the decisions we make about it, are also inclusive and that we allow different perspectives to flourish -- they make us stronger. From here, we also believe that this will lead to innovation and product decisions that optimally serve our clients and users, everywhere.


The way we recruit and develop talent at Hired is fundamental to our continued growth and success. Just as we strive to make our product one that sources a diverse set of exceptional talent, we must do the same in the reflection of our company.

External & community engagement

We engage with a variety of organizations to help support Hired’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mission and values. These partnerships provide an extension of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals, connect them to the greater external population, and help us reach and impact a broader community.


We aim to create a company culture where our team members are connected, can thrive and feel empowered to be their authentic selves at work. We strive to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging, leveraging our differences as strengths.


Our platform is intended to fundamentally democratize access to opportunity and level the playing field for all job seekers. As we build our product, we continue to approach our engineering and design with inclusion in mind.

Hired’s commitment to DE&I

At Hired, we strive to make our product one that sources a diverse set of exceptional talent, and understand we must do the same in the reflection of the demographic makeup of our own company. We believe that in order to be successful, we must internally mirror the demographic diversity of people who are job seekers. From there, we can leverage inclusion so that diversity can organically influence everything we do as a company.

Through the last few years, we implemented new and built on many existing practices that continue our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, identified and addressed systematic vulnerabilities, and partnered with organizations to help us ensure that we are building a diverse and inclusive workforce and product. Here is some of the progress we have seen in the past year:

Laying the foundation

Designing fair and inclusive hiring practices.

Strengthening our interview process

We evaluated our interview process and made adjustments to manage biases and increase objectivity. In 2017 we rolled out a number of initiatives including creating evaluation rubrics across various roles and replacing our ‘culture fit’ interview with a ‘values fit.’

Company-wide interview training

We are continuously providing interview training for our interviewers, managers, and recruiting team to better educate members of the Hired team about best practices for inclusive interviewing.

Using tools to understand our applicants and hires

We invest in internal tools that help us better understand our candidate pool and increase our sourcing capabilities for underrepresented candidates.

Writing more inclusive job descriptions

We have updated our job description formatting and language to be more inclusive and inviting of candidates from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Redefining growth & development

Committed to investing in our people

Access to a self-directed educational stipend

In addition to internal professional development workshops, employees and managers have access to an educational stipend for internal and external workshops, conferences, interests, and classes.

Supporting our managers

Our managers run our business and walk the talk of our values and culture. Still, at an early stage, we are using internal, external and self-directed tools and strategies to continue to train, grow and evolve our managers' leadership skills.

Defining career ladders early

Early on, we spent time clearly defining our philosophies, guidelines, and processes around Performance & Talent Management, Career Paths and Internal Mobility.

Performance “reviews” to performance feedback

Individuals and teams benefit most from timely feedback that aligns with their work cycles. We have intentionally transitioned from bi-annual “reviews” to regular quarterly feedback check-ins. This has helped support our “real-time, real talk” approach to working together and has helped us build this important muscle faster together.

Representation of women

Championing our community of women

In 2020, we continue to work towards the representation of women and underrepresented groups in the workplace. In conjunction with Equal Pay Day on March 31st, we released our annual State of Wage Inequality in the Workplace Report analyzing data from our career marketplace to understand the gender wage gap among tech workers working at today’s innovative companies. This year, we focused on the Expectation Gap, the difference between what distinct demographic groups expect to be paid when applying for the same role.

Internally, we continue to support our diverse workforce through initiatives that align with our values and promote inclusivity. In 2019, we invested in:

  • Educational workshops and panels hosted by our Employee Resources Groups (ERG), EPIC, StandOut and empowHer

  • Partnered with The Survivor Alliance for a Women Allyship Training

  • Hosted the Hired Women in Leadership Executive Panel

  • Regular internal wage gap audits as part of our bi-annual talent calibration cycle

  • EmpowHer through Health Initiative, which focused on financial, mental and physical health

At Hired, we remain committed to championing our community of women in 2020, always pushing to improve the representation of a diverse workforce across every organization and category that we track. Our latest data shows that women represent:

34 %

of all hires in 2019

38 %

of leadership hires in 2019

54 %

of both promotions & internal mobility in 2019

43 %

of executive leadership team in 2019

Cultivating & celebrating community

At Hired, we are committed to our people. We understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment and providing resources that foster a sense of belonging so that all of our employees feel that they can bring their whole selves to work.

Benefits that matter

We believe the best work is done when people are happy, balanced, and inspired. We have taken the time to understand what is important to our team and provide a broad set of benefits that speak to those at different life stages and from different life experiences.

Celebrating diversity within

Our workforce is a quilt of different backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that our employees excel when they can be their authentic selves. Hired Communities are groups led by employees designed to provide a safe and inviting environment for our people to be themselves, while supporting the greater Hired community through educational and inclusive programs and events. Learn more about these groups below.

E.P.I.C community (equality, people, inclusion, culture) creates a diverse, equitable and inclusive experience for people of color and all employees at Hired.

StandOut fosters a safe and diverse community celebrating LGBTQ+ inclusion and allies at Hired.

empowHer provides a channel to celebrate and empower women to be leaders at Hired and around the world.

To connect with our communities and learn more about how you can build diversity initiatives in your organization, email Inclusion-Leads@Hired.com

Where we are now

Metrics allow us to understand where we are and how to set goals for the future. Below is a snapshot of our representation as of December 2019.

We define leadership as all Hired employees with direct reports and technical as all engineering development, information technology (IT), product management, and design roles on our technology teams.

Gender & race







US Only
Middle Eastern/North African:
African American/Black:
Expanding on diversity

Diversity also means differences in experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. At Hired, we look beyond just gender and race in measuring our workplace. Encouraging our teams to share more about their background, and what makes them unique, gives us deeper understanding of our people, insight into what may be important to them and allows us to build and foster an inclusive environment.


US Only

of people identify as LGBTQ+ (US only) in 2019


of people identify as a caregiver in 2019


of people are fluent in 2+ languages in 2019


of people report to women or gender non-binary individuals in 2019


of people identify as living with a disability (US only) in 2019

Our plan for the future

We are still a small, young, evolving company, and we are proud of our committed investment in diversity, equity and inclusion early on. We know we have a lot more to do to truly reflect the growing and vast range of people who are job seekers. We need to do more to dig deeper into further diversifying our recruiting channels, build a representative board of directors, expand the conversation around diversity to highlight intersectionality and better gauge inclusion and belonging at Hired. We will continue to be thoughtful as our company grows and will focus largely on the following strategic areas:

  • Continue fostering and strengthening partnerships with organizations championing diversity.

  • Implement the diverse candidate slate approach for open roles at manager level and above, including for our board.

  • Benchmark internal inclusion and belonging metrics.

  • Expand our wage gap review to include other demographics (e.g. race/ethnicity, etc.).

  • Expand our discussion around gender to include those who do not identify within traditional gender binaries.

  • Continue to expand our product and customer experience workflows in ways that attract and support candidates from all communities including underrepresented groups, to the Hired platform.

We believe that building a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce takes time — not just months or quarters, but years — and this is just one step in our long journey.

We look forward to the path ahead and hope you will join us in our next chapter.

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