Hire what you planned for.

Be prepared for what you didn't

Make an unlimited number of hires at a fixed price and fill your technical team with top talent whenever you need to. We have several pricing plans to choose from based on your company’s needs.


Unlimited hiring on a
predictable budget

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Unlimited hiring and technical
assessments in one platform

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Evaluate better tech
talent, faster

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Hire better tech talent, faster.

With a Hired subscription, you’ll close more top tier candidates:

Predictable hiring

Unlimited hiring from a pipeline of high quality, high intent tech talent. Fill for existing headcount, attrition and growth whenever you need to.

Efficient hiring

Source better tech talent faster and assess programming skills as you source. Automate hiring processes with your current workflow and collaborate in real time with your hiring team.

Technology and people

A combination of machine learning and people make our matches the best fit for companies. Customer success partners help you optimize your hiring and provide valuable insights directly from candidates.

Better candidate experience

Attract top candidates by showcasing your tech employer brand and your total offer. Make candidates comfortable by sharing what to expect during the interview process.

Take action on diversity goals

Reduce unconscious bias and focus on skills relevant to a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job.

Real insights, better results

Adjust and improve hiring KPIs with analytics and hands-on customer service. Get ahead of the competition and make offers based on real market salary data.