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4 Simple Steps

Fast-Track Your Team Building

  • Create Your Company Profile
    Expose your brand by putting your core values, company culture, and career opportunities front and center.
  • Send Interview Requests
    See someone you like? With a click of the button, you can request an interview. 95% of all requests get a response (yes or no) and almost 50% of all requests result in an interview.
  • Make Connections
    Hired delivers active candidates that match your unique requirements on a weekly basis.
  • Hire with Insight
    Stay competitive through the hiring process with a clear understanding of your candidate’s competing offers, preferred salary, and career aspirations. Hired makes hiring transparent so you can move quickly without introducing risk.

Why Companies Love Hired

Fill Open Roles Fast

Hired is the fastest, most cost-effective way to quickly fill your talent pipeline. We bring interested candidates and companies together through a process that averages just a few weeks to hire.

Hire The Best

We use data science plus a team of highly trained curators to ensure the candidates you see are a good fit for your open roles. Of the 25,000 candidates that apply to Hired monthly, only the top 5% are accepted.

Make a Connection

Recruiting through social media often results in radio silence. In contrast, Hired’s candidates are engaged and looking for their next opportunity.

Full Transparency = Better Hiring Decisions

Candidates who have considered all of their options and have made a carefully considered decision to join your company will be more engaged, and have better performance.

Niche requirements? No Problem

Our candidates have the widest range of educational backgrounds, industry experience and skill sets, so you get exposure to highly sought-after candidates you might not otherwise have found.

Growing Companies Love Hired

Charlie farrell

"I’m reaching out to ten candidates and getting five people through to an interview with Hired. This is compared to the 15% acceptance rate I’d come to expect using social networks and other sources."

Charlie Farrell
Technical Recruiter, ClearSlide
Hired Client - Clearslide

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