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A rundown of the latest Hired features, product enhancements, design updates, and bug fixes.

New feature

ATS integration improvements

May 28, 2022

Today candidates get imported into an employer's ATS in a pre-determined stage that has been picked by Hired. Many customers have requested they be able to choose what stage a candidate is imported into so that these candidates can show up in a more appropriate place in the employer's ATS. This feature allows you to choose which stage for new candidates when creating a new position. The interviews tab on Hired now shows the candidate's ATS stage.  

New feature

Exclude remote locations

April 30, 2022

In the remote filters, you can now select up to 8 countries, states, or cities that you wish to exclude from search results. This will exclude any candidates whose current location is in those locations.

This allows you to find more global candidates who may be able to join your team without having to look at every candidate’s location.


Sales team hiring filters & experience

April 28, 2022

Sales experience highlights

We updated sales profiles to highlight sales experience with key data about each Sales candidate.

On Target Earnings filter

This new feature gives clients the ability to search using On Target Earnings. You'll notice a new section for Sales filtering called "Compensation" and that will allow you to filter on an OTE range in addition to Preferred Base Salary.

New feature

Remote working hours search & wishlist matches

March 28, 2022

Remote working hours

You can now select the desired working hours and the desired amount of overlap to find global remote candidates. This will return candidates who have indicated in their profile that they are willing to work during those hours - irrespective of their timezone.

Wishlist matches & mismatches

When a candidate appears in your search results, any matches or mismatches between your company profile and the candidate's profile are highlighted in that candidate's profile card.

When you reach out to a candidate with mismatches, we highlight the mismatches so that you can tailor your interview request message.

New feature

Remote Locations & Preferences

March 02, 2022

We have made it easier for you to find remote candidates based on their locations and working preferences.

Remote location filter
When you include remote candidates, you can now add locations (States or Countries). This will allow you to find remote candidates who are located in specific locations. This new feature will help you create a more accurate list of remote candidates based on where you are able and willing to hire.

Candidate remote preferences
When reviewing candidate profiles, we are providing more information about the candidate's work preferences such as working hours, hybrid work, and remote vs. in-office. This will help you better tailor interview requests to match the candidate's preferences.


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