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Salesforce developers are technical professionals who develop code for the Customer Relationship Managament (CRM) platform. These individuals customize applications and use a sandbox to build functionalities with Apex or Visual Force. They enhance the capabilities of the Salesforce platform in ways that meet the requirements and needs of the organization. These changes are then passed on to the administrator for deployment. Salesforce developers control the adaptability of the APIs in the platform, and integrate the processes and information so that each system communicates effectively. They are also responsible for bug fixes that ensure the platform performs smoothly for admins and end-users. Developers are an integral part of customizing and implementing the Salesforce platform, and ensuring that it integrates properly with the organization's systems. An ideal Salesforce developer creates tools within the platform for custom reporting, business processes and automated aggregations that extend beyond the point-and-click capabilities built into the system.

The ideal Salesforce developer has an understanding of .NET programming, JAVA, Model-View-Controller design and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles. Salesforce certification in marketing, sales and other cloud-based facets isn't a requirement for these positions, but it is helpful in establishing credibility in the field. In-depth knowledge of the Visual and Apex languages used in the platform are essential. The world of cloud computing and CRM management continues to thrive as more companies develop marketing, sales and service applications that help them connect with customers. This creates a high demand for Salesforce developers that is expected to continue with an annual growth of 20% each year.

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