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Business Systems Engineer Job Description

In many companies, Business Systems Engineers are responsible for operations and maintenance of built-in infrastructure for larger companies. They are tasked with configuring, testing and building additional software systems as well as with maintaining and updating existing systems. Efficiency and systems optimization are important aspects of the role to create and maintain the highest level of system availability within a certain infrastructure.

A Business Systems Engineer should have understanding of base scripting languages such as Python and Ruby, a strong knowledge of networking programs, experience in dealing with cloud-based systems and knowledge of handling application stacks like JBoss, Apace, Tomcat or NGINX. This is a highly technical role that will require good troubleshooting skills and a solid understanding of complex software applications.

Living and Working in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is one of the best cities in the United States for growth in tech jobs over recent years. It was recently listed in the top three growing tech cities, alongside Seattle and San Francisco, with more than 40,000 open tech jobs in the area. Growth in tech fields is expected to continue rising as more companies relocate their offices to the greater DC area.

Residents of Washington, DC have a diverse range of restaurant, entertainment and community options in the area. The public transit system within the city is known to be both widespread an effective for accessing most of the main city areas. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Cleveland Park, Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill.

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