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As a Solutions Engineer, technical knowledge and communication are both essential skills. It is the responsibility of the Solutions Engineer to understand what the customer needs to accomplish, then to find a solution through use of the company's products or services. To do this effectively, Solutions Engineers need to be creative thinkers and problem solvers with excellent understanding of the technical capabilities of what their company offers.

Because the position requires pre-sales activities involving heavy customer interactions, communication skills are necessary. An effective Solutions Engineer must be able to communicate about their proposed solution to people with varying levels of technical knowledge and product experience. As part of the pre-sales team, Solutions Engineers are responsible for speaking on behalf of the customer's needs and making sure that a company's products or services will be able to solve the problems stated and help the customer meet their goals.

Living and Working in San Franciscso

Like nearby Silicon Valley, San Francisco has a considerable concentration of tech companies and workers. In 2015, San Francisco saw a growth of 42,300 jobs, and an additional 26,700 were added in 2016. This growth is continuing as many startups are launching in San Francisco.

Many people working in San Francisco enjoy living in the urban hotspots around the city or in suburbs outside. Many city neighborhoods, including the Mission District, the Marina, Mission Bay and Pacific Heights, have a thriving nightlife and restaurants within walking distance. Suburbs outside the city tend to be more family-friendly, with popular areas like the East Bay attracting many professionals in later career stages.

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