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Solution Engineer Job Description

Solution Engineers are tasked with collecting customer requirements quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Typical duties of a solution engineer include collecting client data, reviewing problem logs, interacting with clients, identifying recurring problems or pain points, implementing solutions, overseeing the issue resolution and following up on problems or pain points. A solution engineer should have skills like technical abilities, outside the box problem solving, have a sharp attention to details, computer proficiency, organization and customer service. Many employers would like to see the candidate hold a Bachelor‰Ûªs Degree in an engineering field.

Living and Working in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second most populous US city with a diverse population of 3.8 million people made up of immigrants from over 140 different countries. The terrain in Los Angeles is also diverse with mountains, deserts and beaches all within miles of each other and temperatures that rarely dip below 59 degrees. Los Angeles' prominent industries include international trade, business, fashion, science, technology, media, sports, education, medicine and research. The economy of the city is driven by aerospace, technology, petroleum, finance and tourism. High profile businesses based in the Los Angeles area include Ernst & Young, US Bankcorp, Bank of America, Oaktree Capital Group, AECOM Technology Corporation and Deloitte. Notable landmarks in the Los Angeles area include the LA County Museum of Art, the Kodak Theater, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Grauman‰Ûªs Chinese Theatre.

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