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Systems Administrator Job Description

A Systems Administrator is responsible for managing, maintaining and upgrading software and/or hardware networks. They should be able to diagnose and resolve problems quickly to ensure that a company's technology and infrastructure run efficiently and smoothly. Some of the responsibilities of a Systems Administrator include installing and configuring of software and hardware, setting up employee workstations and accounts, managing network servers and technology tools and troubleshooting issues and outages.

To qualify for a job as a Systems Administrator, applicants should have some prior experience such as network administrator work or other related roles. They should also have experience with databases, both LAN and WAN network, patch management and be able to create scripts using Perl, Python or another computer language. A Bsc/BA in Information Technology or professional certification such as Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator is also beneficial when applying for the position of Systems Administrator.

Living and Working in Austin

Austin is one of the best places to live according to US News. It attracts a wide range of people from singles and students to professionals and families. The weather is great, there are plenty of outdoor attractions, a great live music scene and fabulous food. Tech giants such as Apple, Dell and IBM all have headquarters in the Austin area. Austin is also the capital of the state of Texas. The city has its own airport and public transportation. It is so popular that approximately 50 new people move to Austin everyday.

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