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Hired Partner, Sales Impact Academy: The Leading Revenue Education Provider

Quickly grow the expertise of sales teams with resources from Sales Impact Academy

Sales Impact Academy is the leading education solution for go-to-market teams, developed by industry experts to support rapid growth of ambitious B2B SaaS businesses. 

SIA courses upskill and equip sales, marketing, customer success, and revenue leadership teams. Courses are highly interactive and are delivered as 1-hour classes twice weekly, culminating in an end-of-course Impact Assessment and certification.

Welcome! Please introduce yourself and Sales Impact Academy!

Hi, I’m Sam Butcher, Head of Recruitment Partners at Sales Impact Academy (SIA). SIA exists to help plug the sales skills gap for businesses across the world and is recognized as the world’s leading Go-To-Market learning platform. SIA helps eliminate the educational burden that’s placed on businesses of all sizes, by offering live, high-learning courses around the globe.

How did SIA come to exist?

While doing volunteer sales teaching after leaving his previous company, our CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Fifield, saw just how significant the knowledge gap is for sales teams in go-to-market companies. In response to this problem, Paul built a platform to deliver structured, continuous GTM education, taught by industry titans like Mark Roberge, Mary Lou Tyler, and Chris Voss.

We read that SIA’s “astonishing growth… is due to a rapidly escalating supply and demand crisis for go-to-market talent.” Could you tell us a bit more about what SIA does to address this?

We’ve built the world’s only Go-To-Market live learning platform, and we provide continuous education for all members of the revenue function; everyone from SDRs, through to Chief Revenue Officers. We started out delivering sales and leadership training, and currently, we’re increasingly expanding our courses across marketing and customer success functions. 

We have two priorities. The first is creating an instant impact for individual contributors and leaders in their current role, and the second is ensuring they’re instantly impactful when they progress to their next role. We deliver live group teaching across continuous learning pathways, keeping everyone upskilled and learning the latest knowledge as it is discovered.

The results of this approach to learning are incredibly compelling. Ve Global has seen a 50% reduction in the ramp time for their SDRs, Cognism saw their close rate increase from around 20% to 30% across their team, and kleene.ai saw their number of meetings booked jump by 36.3%.

Where does your partnership with Hired fit into the equation?

Sales Impact Academy provides courses for sales professionals across all levels of an organization. Whether you are an SDR, wanting to learn how to effectively prospect via LinkedIn, or a sales leader focusing on scaling your sales org, we have courses for you. 

A partnership between Sales Impact Academy and Hired just makes sense. Hired offers an efficient solution for building a company’s entire sales team while saving those teams up to 4x the amount of recruiting time of traditional sourcing methods. Once a company sources their sales talent through Hired we are able to come in and assist with the onboarding and ongoing training of those sales professionals. 

We’re excited to be able to partner with Hired to offer Hired clients the ability to utilize SIA for onboarding and enablement. Whenever Hired places a sales candidate, that individual will have free access to a course from SIA. Their hiring manager is able to choose which SIA course will be most valuable to them and give them an incredibly valuable resource to help them ramp up in their new role quickly.

We’re glad to be able to offer SIA to our hiring companies! Are there any new courses coming out this year?

We’re rapidly expanding our course catalog. Be on the lookout for lots of new courses which will be launching soon, in areas like Becoming an AE, Data Driven SDR Management, and Customer Success Leadership.

While awaiting our exciting new courses for 2022, we recommend you check out Cold Calling Bootcamp starting March 15 and DNA of a Champion with Sir Clive Woodward. The next cohort starts February 8th for anyone wanting to learn more and level up.

Sounds great! We look forward to seeing those added to your catalog. 

Sam, thank you for sitting down with us and championing the partnership between SIA and Hired.

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