Partner spotlight - Diversability

Hired Partner: Diversability: Community & Allyship for Disabled People

Welcome to our spotlight series! Please introduce yourself and the organization you’re representing.

Hello! My name is Whitney Bailey, I’m the Director of Operations for Diversability LLC. 

Diversability® is an award-winning ecosystem of more than 60k (across all of our digital platforms) on a mission to elevate disability pride through disability community, visibility, and engaged allyship. Our purpose is to break the cycle of social isolation and exclusion for disabled people, improving their overall well being. 

In everything we do, we want to reiterate that we are proud of our disabled identity. The work that we do at Diversability aims to increase visibility of disabled people and achieve representation and economic self-sufficiency. The entire company is proud of the work we accomplish together, from our community members to the employees that work here. We have a remote team of 10 people from all around the U.S. who all identify as disabled.

Wow! There is so much to be proud of within your organization. How did Diversability come to exist?

Diversability was founded by Tiffany Yu, a disabled woman of color, in 2009. At the age of 9, Tiffany became disabled as a result of a car accident that also took the life of her father. Twelve years later in 2009, Tiffany started Diversability as a student club at Georgetown University. Tiffany started Diversability after not being able to find a supportive and uplifting disability community. The organization is called Diversability because we wanted to showcase that disability is diversity and that disability is diverse!

Such a moving story, thank you for sharing it with us. 

You recently began partnering with Hired, could you tell us a bit more about that?

Diversability and Hired have partnered together to give our community members a resource to find employment within the tech & sales space. Through our growing team of 10 disabled folks, we have shown that disability employment works and that there is talent within our community. We found alignment with Hired’s vision to create a world where all hiring is equitable, efficient, and transparent.

In our partnership, Hired is able to provide access to remote jobs, all over the world, from a multitude of employers to Diversability’s community members. By working together, we are able to work towards our goals more efficiently and effectively.

What are some current initiatives in your organization?

We have a lot happening at Diversability. A few of our highlights::

  1. Be on the lookout for our monthly virtual panel event series “Diversability Unplugged” where a panel digs into different disability related topics, such as dating, homeownership, entrepreneurship, careers in tech, and more.
  2. Join the Diversability Leadership Collective, our members-only space to advance disability leadership, advocacy, and influence.
  3. Honor a disabled leader through the 2022 D-30 Disability Impact list. The D-30 Disability Impact List honors the unique accomplishments of our most impactful community members globally through a nomination and selection process. You can read more about our 2021 D-30 Honorees here

Exciting things in the works! Our network will definitely enjoy checking everything out. Anything else we should be on the lookout for?

In addition to the D-30 nominations opening up soon, to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we will be hosting Diversability Unplugged: Disability & Digital Accessibility on Wednesday, May 18 from 7 pm to 8:30 PM ET. If you are a company or brand who is interested in partnership with us, don’t hesitate to reach out

Incredible! Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Whitney and thank you to Diversability for your partnership. 

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