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Hired Partner Spotlight - Allie Tsahey Founder of Baddies in Tech

Hired Partner, Baddies in Tech: Empowering Careers of Black & Brown Women in Tech

What began as a small effort by Founder, Allie Tsahey to connect with other women who were facing similar career challenges as the “only” in their work environment, has since grown into “Baddies in Tech,” a thriving community and resource hub for women of color techies globally. BiT is an impact-driven for-profit organization and black woman owned and operated.

Welcome to our spotlight series! Please introduce yourself and the organization you’re representing

Hi! I’m Allie Joy Tsahey. I am a Ghanaian-American entrepreneur, career strategist, and DEI in tech advocate. I’m also the Founder and CEO of Baddies in Tech (BiT). We’re a community-based organization on a mission to advance the careers of black and brown women in tech through education and empowerment.

Baddies in Tech members gain access to exclusive resources, opportunities, and an encouraging tech sisterhood to help them launch or grow successful tech careers, while also accessing on-demand career services through the BiT CareerBar!

How did your organization come to exist?

Baddies in Tech started in 2019 with a selfie and a #hashtag. I was a recent non-technical degree graduate who had entered a new and unfamiliar industry and was navigating my first tech job in the startup world. I was the only woman of color in my workplace. It was a lonely space to be in, and I lacked a sense of community and belonging in tech.

So, I decided to seek out a community to help her grow. Quickly, I realized I had trouble finding one that represented my identity in the tech space – so I created one of my own!

Baddies in Tech was founded on the basis that millennial and Gen Z black and brown women belong in the tech space – just as they are.

We are telling the world that we do not need to conform to stereotypes of what a technologist looks like, and that we are strong innovators in tech, even in environments that are not conducive or supportive of our career success.

Baddies in Tech aims to be the external support system for women of color who were like Allie in that first tech role – “onlies” in their workplaces craving a sense of belonging in order to grow.

Tell us more about your organization’s partnership with Hired. 

Baddies in Tech has partnered with Hired to get baddies well… hired! This partnership allows the women in our community to find jobs at equitable companies. With Hired’s holistic approach, employers are required to apply to interview jobseekers because… they are the prize!

This partnership is especially exciting because Hired is now a global remote marketplace and anyone can apply for a job anywhere. Baddies in Tech has a community base in the Ghana/Nigeria tech ecosystem, and this partnership will allow talented international baddies to find remote work opportunities anywhere in the world!

We are so excited for our community to be working with such an innovative and modern platform.

What are some initiatives that your organization is currently working on?

Baddies in Tech is growing – quickly! We recently launched our new website, and have opened up our Discord community for all black and brown women in tech! Join the sisterhood by applying for membership here

Outside of our Discord community, we are piloting the first cohort of our mentorship program and you can join the waitlist to be the next mentee or mentor for the “Glow Together!” Program. 

We’re also excited to be dabbling in the world of crypto, NFTs and the metaverse. We have some exciting partnerships and NFT drops coming up, and we’re excited to integrate Web3 into the core of the Baddies in Tech community.

Lastly, we’re working to launch our CareerBar in Q2, which will allow baddies to access on-demand career services and group coaching to transition into tech or grow to their next level. 

Thank you for sharing all of that, our network will definitely enjoy learning more about your organization.

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