How it works

Getting hired with Hired

With a unique combination of matching technology and human expertise, Hired will find you a job you’ll love.


Create a profile. Get great matches.

Tell us about your background and what you look for in a job. It takes a few steps, but it will make sure our matching algorithms find jobs that fit your skills and preferences. We’ve even got a resume uploader to make things faster.
Showcase your skill set, passions, and career aspirations.
Customize your profile with photos of your favorite projects, links to personal work, or glowing reviews.
Your profile is always hidden from past and current employers.


Companies apply to you.

Once you are approved, your profile will be promoted to employers ‌for ten weeks. When our platform sees a potentially good fit, that employer will see you in their matches and can request an interview.
No applications, no cover letters.
When companies reach out, they will come with a job description and salary up front.
You’ll only hear from employers that match well with you.


Choose, interview, and accept.

Compare interview requests side by side and say "yes" to the ones that best match your career goals and interests. Hired can even help you prepare for interviews. Finally, say “yes” to the job you love the most!
Using proprietary data, Hired provides guidance on how to best negotiate your offer.
Compare offers side by side.
The odds are in your favor: 84% of candidates accept a job offer they receive on Hired!
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Your dream job is waiting.

Create a profile to start matching: it’s fast and free.