Alchemy Code Lab Partner Spotlight: Preparing Students To Enter the Workforce as Mid-level Software Developers

Hired Partner, Alchemy Code Lab: Prepares Students for Mid-level Software Development Roles

Alchemy’s unique program prepares students for mid-level software development roles with training that simulates on-the-job experience. Created by software architects and taught by senior devs, Alchemy is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of tech education and career development.

Welcome to our partner spotlight series! Introduce yourself and the organization you’re representing.

Hi! I’m Ruthie Ditzler, Career Development Advocate at Alchemy. Alchemy is a 25-week full-time software development training program. We take pride in our positive and inclusive community and our performance outcomes. They demonstrate our graduates can access thriving-wage jobs in the tech industry and graduate ready to enter the workforce as mid-level software developers.

Sounds like a great experience! How did your organization come to exist?

Alchemy was founded in 2016 by senior software engineers who saw a gap between coding bootcamps that only taught people enough to get internships or entry-level roles, and the need for tech talent who are trained to be competent, full-time contributors right away.

To close that gap, students at Alchemy participate in live, small group training where they learn from the best. Our live classes are developed by software architects, led by senior developers, and informed by industry trends with a process-focused curriculum that mimics the expectations from them on the job.

Thank you for sharing. Tell us more about your organization’s partnership with Hired. 

Alchemy is committed to fostering a tech environment that welcomes and empowers women, LGBTQ+, veterans, and students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Hired has a commitment to building equity within hiring. By partnering together, we ensure our developers have access to employers and the ability to showcase their skills.

We are excited to work with Hired to help our talent find new tech roles. Our most recent class of graduates can be found on Hired by searching “Alchemy Code Lab” in the keyword section on the marketplace. 

Working towards the same goal! What are some initiatives your organization is currently working on?

One of Alchemy’s strengths is we’re engaged with employers and constantly updating what we teach to prepare students with current, in-demand skills. To that end, we’re working on adding an entire segment on Typescript and GraphQL for students.

For employers who want to engage with talent before they graduate and hit the general job market, we have strategic partnership opportunities. They can reach out if they’d like to learn more! 

Exciting things to come, thank you for sharing! Our network will definitely enjoy learning more about Alchemy Code Lab.

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