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Discover the Alchemy Difference

Alchemy’s unique program prepares students for mid-level software development roles with training that simulates on-the-job experience. Created by software architects and taught by senior devs, Alchemy is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of tech education and career development.
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Courses offered

  • Software Engineering

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  • Full-Time Courses

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  • Remote
  • The Americas

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What is Alchemy Code Lab?

Alchemy Code Lab is a premiere software development training program designed to graduate tomorrow’s talent directly to mid-level developer employment. We work closely with each student and top tech firms to give you the skills, professionalism, and connections you need to be successful.

What does a cohort typically look like?

The student-to-instructional staff ratio is 7:1 which means you get close mentorship on a daily basis. Alchemy’s instructors train you to utilize industry standards such as completing a product lifecycle from conception to delivery, demonstrating time management, and how to explore and implement new technologies. There are multiple cohorts a year and each cohort is typically 20-30 people.

What is the timeline and schedule of a student?

This program is 25 weeks of full-time instruction, hands-on learning, and development of portfolio-worthy software projects. Alchemy operates 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri PT (40 hrs a week) with daily live-online instruction and access to instructional team support in real-time.

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