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How AND Digital & Dropbox Boosted Women in Tech Talent Hiring Pipelines

For employers hiring tech and sales roles, it’s critical to fill open positions by sourcing the right person. Often, teams need particular talent with a niche set of skills or experiences. Whether it’s a fiercely competitive market or backfilling a single role, sourcing experienced, qualified candidates is frequently a challenge. If goals include reaching more talent in underrepresented groups (URGs), it’s often harder.

However, with the right solutions to attract, filter, and screen candidates, the perfect person for the job is closer than ever.  AND Digital used Hired to bring more women into their tech talent pipelines. Dropbox had similar goals but specifically sought to attract more women in tech leadership roles. Starting with a vetted pool of highly-qualified candidates, then targeting through advanced filters and custom events, these companies connected with the right candidates faster than ever.

AND Digital

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tech candidate pool +

Custom event

reaching 56K women =

19% more offers to

underrepresented groups than UK average

AND Digital increased the representation of women in its pipeline and on its tech teams

Despite progress, access to opportunity remains a challenge in tech. Even though employers are more likely now than ever to consider women during the hiring process and provide equitable salary offers, women are still underrepresented in a majority of tech roles. 

According to Hired’s State of Wage Inequality report, women are less likely to receive an interview than men. In fact, Hired data revealed 37% of positions are not sending interview requests to women at all.

To build on their recruitment efforts on Hired’s platform and commitment to supporting women in tech, AND Digital partnered with Hired to celebrate International Women’s Day with a virtual event. The Hired Events team worked with AND Digital to plan and design an event to level up women’s tech careers featuring a wide range of speakers and topics.

Hired helped AND Digital target grads, career switchers, women already in tech, and specific roles including Developers, Business/Product Analysts, and Cloud Engineers. 

First, Hired needed to invite the highly sought-after audience to the event. Starting with its marketplace platform of high-intent tech workers, Hired designed a tailored email campaign. The targeted communications reached more than 56K vetted female candidates in Hired’s tech talent pool. The campaign generated 18K clicks and ultimately converted 223 candidates to register.

The successful event inspired 9 out of 10 ratings from candidates. Just as important for AND Digital, it: 

  1. leveraged a niche talent pool of URGs
  2. supported the company in increasing diversity in tech 
  3. amplified their brand as an inclusive tech employer among women.

“I was blown away by AND Digital’s people and what they had to contribute. Many companies claim to be diverse and inclusive but when you go to the interview, everyone is not a POC. So attending this event and seeing so many women and POC in senior positions was a godsend and immensely inspiring.”

Event Attendee


image 1dropbox

Focused DEI efforts using Hired's platform and custom events increased underrepresented groups in Dropbox's pipeline to 50%

According to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast, the percentage of women in tech leadership is experiencing a downward trend, now at 28%. This signals the need for employers to actively provide opportunities and intentionally promote diversity efforts.  

To increase the representation of women in its leadership levels, Dropbox turned to Hired and its pool of tens of thousands of active jobseekers, 30% of whom aren’t on LinkedIn at all. Beginning with this niche pool, Dropbox could efficiently connect with talented female tech professionals.

Dropbox’s goal was two-fold. They wanted to: 

  1. Build a pipeline of female leaders to fill an open position
  2. Form a community of strong women leaders. 

To do this, they sought women in engineering with over 10 years of leadership experience and a background in designing high-level strategies. 

The customized plan included email promotion to Hired’s marketplace pool of qualified female tech candidates (vetted for technical skills and experience), sponsored ads and LinkedIn InMail messages, and promotions to women in tech communities via Hired’s partners

Nearly 40 candidates with abundant experience applied to attend the event, exceeding Dropbox’s goal of 30 individuals. The company chose nine women to attend the intimate fireside chat with Dropbox’s Director of Engineering, Susanne Kaufmann. Three highly-qualified candidates progressed into Dropbox’s pipeline after an insightful conversation with Susanne. 

The Hired solution offered a niche set of candidates to further Dropbox’s representation in leadership, form a strong candidate pipeline, and build community with an accomplished group of women in tech.


“From a connection perspective, it was highly, highly successful. Some of these connections feel really strong.”

Susanne Kaufmann

Dropbox’s Director of Engineering

Hired helps companies of all sizes to target new markets, niche roles, and hard-to-find skill sets

Whether it’s looking for underrepresented talent to advance DEI goals, specific qualifications like security clearance, reaching candidates in a new market, or hard-to-find skills, Hired’s AI and advanced filtering expedites sourcing, saving busy teams time. 

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