How custom coding challenges boosted tech talent recruitment pipelines for Citi, Capital Rx, and National Grid

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CitiCapital Rx, and National Grid needed to build teams with top tech talent, meaning they needed a solid candidate pipeline to work with. That’s when they turned to Hired Events as a solution for building and nurturing their candidate pipelines while boosting brand awareness. It was Hired’s coding challenges in particular that presented an opportunity for these companies to interact with top engineers and evaluate their mastery of coding languages.

These challenges allow talent to showcase their skills and for employers to speed up their hiring process by quickly connecting with qualified tech candidates. Hired’s coding challenges in particular offer customized challenges promoted over 5-6 weeks to the client’s target audience. Essentially, Hired eliminates the first step in the interview process so recruiting teams can focus on winning over pre-qualified candidates.

Citi runs three custom challenges for three different goals

On the hunt for specific skills

In one challenge, Citi sought talented engineers across UK, US, and Canada skilled in Golang, Python, and Node.js. In an effort to solidify its candidate pipeline, this coding challenge successfully expanded Citi’s EAP teams with a new hire!

Seeking talent in specific markets

In a separate challenge, Hired helped Citi source experienced Java Developers in London. With another successful coding challenge, Hired and Citi attracted 150 participants to showcase their skills. About 60 candidates scored 70% or above, proving the advantage of a single event in enticing qualified talent.

Supporting existing initiatives with coding challenges

To supplement one of Citi’s 2023 University Programmes, Hired supported the company in holding another challenge targeted at students aspiring to a tech career. Hired promoted the event to STEM students and graduates across London, Belfast, and Dublin, bringing in 156 participants. 66 takers scored 50% or above, helping Citi fill its hiring pipeline with ambitious students to join the leading company.

Capital Rx spikes the pipeline with engineers

Seeking mid, senior, and entry-level engineers (full stackfront-end, and back-end), Capital Rx used a Hired coding challenge to promote brand awareness and spike its pipeline with aggressive hiring targets. Even with such bold goals, Hired helped Capital Rx surpass its aim of 150 to 200 coding challenge takers. 300 engineers accepted the challenge to prove their coding talent and 111 impressed the Capital Rx by scoring an 80% or above!

National Grid seeks experienced engineering talent

In search of a Staff Engineer, National Grid needed to fill its pipeline with experienced engineers in the UK and US who mastered React, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Node.js, and Java. To aid in their search, National Grid hosted a challenge with Hired who sourced over 170 takers. 94 participants impressed recruiters by passing the challenge. National Grid approved 10 for interviews, pleased with the number of skilled candidates Hired brought to the forefront.

Level up recruiting efforts with Hired

45+ hours saved per hire

90% average candidate response rate

35 average days to hire