How Chase, Bark, and Wayfair used employer branding events to empower recruitment

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Companies seeking top tech talent know how crucial it is to position themselves as innovative tech employers. ChaseBark, and Wayfair turned to Hired Events as a solution to strengthen their brand in tech and increase awareness among highly qualified software engineering talent.

Whether your recruitment goals are to increase brand recognition as a tech employer, to build and nurture a pipeline, expand into new locations, fill hard-to-find or multiple roles, Hired Events can help.

Our specialized team listens to you and helps customize an event to meet your needs, whether it’s a Virtual Candidate Event, such as a panel discussion, fireside chat, Q&A with leadership, or a Coding Challenge.

Planning, promotion, and event management are included. We can even help you secure a moderator for a panel or connect you with our partners for additional speakers and expand your reach.

Chase's virtual tech candidate event

With a Virtual Candidate Event (VCE), Chase partnered with Hired to attract Back-end, Front-end & Cloud Engineers in the UK. Chase specifically wanted to promote its rapid growth story, engineering culture, and current opportunities.

Reflecting on the event’s impact, TA Lead Mike Lewis said, “I thought it balanced really well between the tech story and how we are real people.” Mike was pleased not only with the event but with the candidates it brought to Chase too. Within 24 hours, Chase invited 9 candidates on site!

I was really pleased with the event. Way surpassed my expectations - I thought everyone was brilliant. Everyone in the business loved it. I think we can really leverage the YouTube recording - There’s some real value in that. I thought it balanced really well between the tech story and how we are real people.

Mike Lewis

TA Lead at Chase

Bark's virtual tech candidate event

As a small organization, Bark wanted greater brand recognition among Front-end, Back-end, and Full Stack Engineers with 3+ years of experience. Hired Events hosted a virtual candidate event (VCE) for Bark featuring their CEO, Tech Leadership, and Talent team sharing how they navigated through adverse times and exceeded business goals.

Offering the opportunity to directly connect with the tech team and showcase the company’s ability to adapt and excel through diversity boosted Bark’s appeal to engineers. Nearly 90% of attendees opted in to learn more about life at Bark!

Wayfair's virtual tech candidate event

Similar to Bark’s VCE, Wayfair’s offered a “behind-the-scenes” look at working for the company to connect with Sr Software Engineers in Wayfair’s new tech hubs across Austin, the Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, and Boston.

Members of the Product and Engineering Teams discussed Wayfair’s collaboration tools, work environment, and vision. Over 300 individuals registered for the event and attendees proved to be a highly engaged audience with 20+ questions and 93% opting in to learn more about Wayfair.

I loved this event. It gave me more insight into Wayfair, each operational team, the workforce/office environment, and company business goals. I wish other companies had [events] like this one.

Engineering candidate

Attendee at the Wayfair event

Here’s “Behind the Scenes at Wayfair, Team Culture & Engineering Insights.” The event was hosted by Rob Stevenson, who hosts Hired’s podcast, Talk Talent to Me. Three Wayfair executives joined, including the Head of Product & Design, Fulfillment Systems, Associate Director of Product Management, and Director of Supply Chain Visibility & Planning.

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