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Hired Assessments bring efficiency to tech candidate evaluations for Mastercard and Axon

Mastercard and Axon used Hired Assessments to screen software engineer candidates‘ skills remotely with customizable technical challenges. Together, these companies have evaluated thousands of programmers in real-time or asynchronously. They used interactive virtual sessions (live challenges), coding challenges, or custom projects for specific roles.

So, how do these assessments help top companies evaluate and identify better tech talent, faster?

With Hired Assessments, companies:

  • Save time by swapping live technical phone screens with automated technical assessments to easily assess more candidates across time zones.
  • Benchmark and score skilled candidates with on-demand analytics and insights.
  • Scale the evaluation process with standard assessments featuring a library of custom questions.
  • Reduce bias in the hiring process with standardized evaluation. 



Mastercard Quickly Identifies the Top 15% of Candidates to Make High Quality Hires

In search of more consistency and efficiency in their hiring and vetting processes, Mastercard determined Hired Assessments was the key tool they needed. In fact, according to Mastercard’s Senior VP of Digital Payments, Hired Assessments brought everything they hoped for and more.

The flexibility of the assessments meant multiple internal teams could evaluate candidates across various locations. Mastercard assessed Senior Software Development Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, and Lead DevOps in London, Norway, and Tel Aviv.

For example, when more than 1,000 senior candidates tested, 159 passed. From there, highly skilled candidates moved into their pipeline and Mastercard hired 13 talented senior engineers.

In other words, Hired Assessments enabled Mastercard to quickly focus on higher-quality candidates. By skipping the phone screen, Mastercard surfaced top talent and moved them through the hiring process faster.

“I rarely get excited about anything in tech these days but this assessments tool is beyond what we have been looking for. Why did we not have this [in our toolbox] 10 years ago?”

Simon Phillips

SVP of Digital Payments at Mastercard



Axon Hires More Talent in Less Time with Hired Assessments

Whether a small business is working without a dedicated recruiting team or a large corporation is spread thin, Hired Assessments helps expedite the process. By removing human proctors from the equation, employers can assess a greater volume of candidates in a shorter time period.

Axon recruiters identify efficiency as a key aspect of their interview process. Saving time while connecting with qualified talent makes Hired Assessments a win-win. The “reliability of Hired team members who are always quick to respond” only reinforces Hired Assessments as Axon’s ideal solution

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