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Hired efficiently connects LiveRamp with high-quality, engaged engineering talent.

Hired efficiently connects LiveRamp with high-quality, engaged engineering talent
22 hires

in 12 months


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40 day

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About LiveRamp:

LiveRamp is a data connectivity platform for the safe and effective use of data. Their advanced technology and unparalleled network enables companies to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate valuable business outcomes.

Sean Carr, LiveRamp

Hired has been our most effective source for finding high quality candidates who are actually interested in a new job. We hire more candidates from Hired than any other single source, all with less outreach. The efficiency is a big benefit for us.

Sean Carr

VP of Engineering

How Hired Helps

The Hired platform has consistently attracted high quality engineering talent for LiveRamp, through a long-standing partnership.

Hired offered a fresh experience, contrasting other recruiting methods LiveRamp used in the past. Because candidates are active on Hired’s platform for a limited time, it ramped up the productivity of LiveRamp’s initial outreach and progressed candidates through the interview process quickly, especially during competitive markets. 

Hired’s detailed reporting capabilities helped LiveRamp teams make better informed decisions, presenting another advantage for sourcing. “For anyone looking to hire solid Engineers, look no further than Hired. They will not disappoint you,” said Lubna Khaleeli, former Head of TA, Engineering at LiveRamp.

LiveRamp was also particularly pleased with Hired’s customer success team, praising their account manager, “who over the years has been a trusted partner and a professional colleague. He’s amazingly responsive and provides best-in-class customer service.”

Successfully-Placed Candidate Experiences with LiveRamp

Hitesh Santwani, one of the many talented Software Engineers Hired connected to LiveRamp, was thrilled to work with their team. He previously worked at a number of large companies but shared he had not encountered such a wonderful team before being matched with LiveRamp. 

Hitesh values a calm, positive work environment in which he has the space to focus on problem solving and the job itself. “When the team is supportive and fosters a fun environment, it’s easier to do the job,” said Hitesh.

Senior Software Engineer Phillip Chan switched from a financial services industry leader to LiveRamp. After receiving four interview requests within two hours of his profile going live, Phillip connected with LiveRamp’s team. He’s most excited to join the engineering team because of the “top-notch” projects they produce and “the vibe is really good. Also, the benefits are great, too!”

Hired efficiently connects LiveRamp with high-quality, engaged engineering talent


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  • San Francisco, CA, US

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