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About AND Digital:

AND Digital believes in empowering people with the knowledge they need to unlock the full potential of technology. They are on a mission to close the world’s digital skills gap.

Nick Brough

This isn't candidates coming through where anyone that's interested will get straight on the platform. This is candidates that have been qualified by [Hired], they have that high level of tech expertise that we're looking for and they're serious about that next move. That's really the difference for me.

Nick Brough

Recruitment Lead

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Virtual Candidate Event for Women in Tech:

To support AND Digital’s goal of increasing diversity in tech, Hired helped the company launch an event for women in tech. The virtual event celebrated International Women’s Day and centered around bringing women’s digital/tech careers to the next level – or helping them switch to a tech career. Hired helped AND Digital target UK-based Grads, career switchers, women already in tech, and specific roles including Developers, Business/Product Analysts, and Cloud Engineers. To promote the event, Hired sent three email pushes to over 56K vetted candidates in its database, resulting in more than 18K clicks! Hired generated 223 candidate registrations for the event, which was a success and rated 9/10 among candidates. One of the many impressed attendees said, “I was blown away by AND Digital’s people and what they had to contribute. Many companies claim to be diverse and inclusive but when you go to the interview, everyone is not a POC. So attending this event and seeing so many women and POC in senior positions was a godsend and immensely inspiring.”

AND DIgital Logo | Hired's 2021 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent


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