2023 top employers winning tech talent

Hired's 2023 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent

Hired awards employers based on hiring activity and processes demonstrating equity, efficiency, and transparency; Parachute Health, Beyond Finance, Yum! Brands, and ITV among top employers.

Hired released its 2023 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent, ranking the top 10 small, medium, and large companies in North America and the top companies in the UK. The list is based on Hired’s proprietary platform data evaluated through the lens of three core pillars. 

The past few years in tech hiring have been challenging – and 2023 is no exception. Hired believes the most successful companies adapted and pivoted this year, guided by employer brand values and fair hiring processes. These values are key to making hiring better for everyone involved: 

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Equitable company cultures and hiring practices level the playing field for a diverse range of talent. Research shows varied experiences and backgrounds are key to breeding innovation, yet equity continues to be at risk. 


Efficient hiring processes streamline hiring to improve productivity and support a positive candidate experience by effectively advancing candidates through the funnel. As hiring begins to ramp up, efficiency will be key to the reboot as the change will come on quickly.

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Transparency in particular shined this year. New laws around salary transparency were the first steps in closing wage gaps between underrepresented candidates and their white male counterparts. For the purpose of the List, we focused on transparency in compensation.

However, in good hiring practices, Transparency also refers to how open employers are when communicating with candidates whether it’s a clearly defined hiring process or a candidate’s status. This value helps inform and empower jobseekers, while also yielding equity and efficiency. 

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Here are the 2023 top small, medium-sized, and enterprise companies across North America and UK: 

For the full top ten list in each category and methodology, see Hired’s 2023 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent.

Top Tech Employers List key findings

Key findings across company segments and locations include:

  • North American small businesses had the same ranking in equity as in 2022 but were slightly more transparent. Data shows lower variation in salaries they sent for the same position.
  • Medium-sized North American businesses improved transparency rankings and showed less variation in the salaries offered to candidates for the same position. The top 10 companies in this category had the fastest median days to hire (27 days) across all company sizes. They also sent the most final offers to underrepresented candidates. 
  • Enterprise companies in North America had the same level of equity as last year according to the data, which indicated a similar amount of interview requests and final offers to underrepresented candidates. 
  • UK companies were more efficient than in 2022, with the median hiring process 10 days shorter. Companies in the UK were also more transparent and slightly more equitable this year. The top 10 companies in this category maintained efficiency with the same 100% average offer acceptance rate as in 2022. 

See the full 2023 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent.

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