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Recruiter wage inequality

Recruiters Can Correct a Generational Rift in Wage Inequality

Ever had a great candidate get all the way to the offer stage, only to uncover at the zero hour that there was a serious misalignment when it came to compensation expectations? Sorry to rip open and pour salt in old wounds, but the importance of transparency and trust building when it comes to compensation is crucial to a well tuned hiring machine. By now, of course, you’ve learned to have that conversation as early as possible, ideally right at the end of the phone screen. But beyond getting everyone on the same page and saving precious recruiting cycle time, there’s a huge opportunity for recruiters to correct a career’s worth of pay inequality for a candidate.

Lydia Frank, VP of Content Strategy at Payscale, oversees the publication of immensely data-rich reports on compensation. Recently, she’s looked at whether people are given raises equally, whether employee referrals are assessed evenly, and how to put processes into place to ensure both. After an inspired appearance on a Hired panel discussion during Equal Pay Week, Lydia joined your favorite recruiting podcast to share what she’s learned. We discussed:

  • The importance of pay brand, and how recruiters can affect it
  • The role of recruiters in ensuring equal pay
  • Shifting messaging from “salary history” to “salary expectations”
  • How to utilize employee referrals without begetting organizational homogeny

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