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June 28, 2022

Want to Hire a Globally Distributed Team? 4 Ways to Get Started

In the last few years, more companies have expanded their workforces globally than ever before. Businesses realized the talent pool is no longer limited to their city limits (or even their...

June 07, 2022

What’s the Deal with Web 3.0 & How Does it Affect Tech Talent?

Web 3.0 Seems to Be in Conversations Everywhere - What is it and How will it Affect Candidate Recruiting? If you’re in tech, you can’t avoid frequent mentions of Web 3.0. From 2021’s $69m NFT...

June 07, 2022

The Web 3.0 Wave is Coming - What Talent Acquisition Teams Need to Know

We covered "what is Web 3.0" in a blog, but this eBook takes the next step, diving deeper in the subject. What You'll Learn How to hire developers, programmers, and engineering managers...

May 24, 2022

Want to Boost Response Rates? Use Your UVP in Strategic Recruitment Messaging

What You'll Learn How to leverage the factors that make your company special and develop your employer UVPInsight into market trends and competitive offersActionable ideas for employer brand...

May 10, 2022

Hire Globally, Act Locally: Enabling Success for a Remote First Workforce (Video)

Key Takeaways from Hired CEO Josh Brenner and Oyster CEO Tony Jamous at the Hired Summit The way we work has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Though remote work was already on the...

March 16, 2022

What's the State of Remote Work for the Tech Industry?

An Employer's Guide to the Future of Work WHAT YOU'LL LEARN What you can do as an employer to appeal to 90% of Hired candidatesThe various types and definitions of remote and hybrid...