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hiring remote employees

End the War for Talent by Hiring Remote Employees

Can you afford to pay in the top 1% salary range for a new hire? Do you offer VIP perks like chartered shuttle buses, laundry service, and catered lunch? Is your office flush with snacks, goodies, and inter-level slides? Well, if not, chances are you’re finding yourself on the losing end of the War for Talent more often than you’d like. Ugh, War for Talent. Are you as tired of hearing that as I am? Well, you’re in luck, because the CTO of Creative Market, Chris Winn, has found a way around the talent-based trench foot, shell shock, and night raids.

Rather than go head to head with all the companies in their backyard, Creative Market has opted to look further afield. Boasting a 2/3rds distributed workforce, it’s safe to say they’ve mastered the art of finding, training, and hiring remote employees.

There’s a whole host of competitive advantages that come along with hiring remote employees, and Chris was happy to walk me through them when he sat down to join me on Hired’s podcast, Talk Talent To Me. In addition to the business case, Chris explained how to interview these folks, set them up for success, and identify leaders who can best manage them.

It’s not all high offer acceptance rates and below market salaries, though. A remote workforce engenders unique challenges, particularly related to inclusion and company culture. Chris explains the processes they’ve put in place to make sure remote workers feel like they’re part of the team and have a voice within the company.

There’s much more goodness and insight in the conversation than I could hope to recreate here, so make sure to stream the full episode below. And don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcasting app.