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Get Employers' Attention: How to Craft an Effective Hired Jobseeker Profile Headline

Your Hired candidate profile headline is the first impression you make on potential employers. It establishes the lens through which they’ll review your profile and resume. So you want to make it count! It provides a snapshot of who you are, what you do, and how much value you might add to an organization in just a sentence. It should be impactful, catchy, and clearly state what job you currently have and/or are pursuing. 

On the Hired platform, data tells us that your headline can even impact the number of interview requests you receive. The quality of a headline matters. If an employer views your profile, they are 5% more likely to send you an interview request if you use our new AI-generated headline feature and make tailored edits from there. Hired’s Candidate Experience Manager sums up this feature for candidates:

“Candidates can now craft a compelling Hired profile headline with AI. It’s generated based on profile info, resume, years of experience, and skills. The new feature writes a 150-character sentence. We encourage candidates to edit and get creative from there!”

We want to emphasize AI alone is not enough to create a captivating headline. It needs your personal touch. Follow these tips for guidance on how to craft a headline that catches employers’ attention. 

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1. Don’t restate what’s already in your profile

While it’s great to use keywords relevant to your role and field, avoid repeating exactly what employers will see in your profile. Instead, think about how you drive value. Why is your work meaningful to you? How do you impact the lives of others? Are there impressive accomplishments that you want employers to see first? 

2. Be clear and concise

Remember, your headline should be a snapshot of your professional identity. It needs to be clear and to the point. Avoid jargon or overly complex language. Instead, focus on the core elements of your professional expertise. For example, “Skilled backend engineer focused on performance and ensuring that users’ needs are met efficiently and effectively in the FinTech space” is specific and gives a clear idea of your expertise and industry focus. 

3. Showcase your unique value proposition

What makes you different from other candidates in your field? This could be a unique skill, a notable achievement, or a specialized certification. Instead of saying “Technical lead at X,” say, “Technical lead designing scalable software for millions of users” or “Expert in recommendation and personalization systems.” 

If you are early in your career and don’t have an area in which you are a deep expert, showcase another part of your abilities. Even something like “Three-time hackathon champion” elicits thoughts of competitiveness and creativity around your profile. 

4. Be specific about goals or aspirations

Adding context around a specific career goal or aspiration shows prospective employers your ambition and direction. For example, “Aspiring data analyst committed to leveraging big data for business solutions” indicates your career trajectory and commitment.

If you are currently an individual contributor but are looking to grow into a team lead role, mention this in your headline. If you have multiple years of experience, your headline should highlight key skills and what you’re looking for in your next opportunity.

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4. Highlight talents and hobbies

Have interesting side hustles or unconventional hobbies? Let’s hear it! Maintain human connection by sharing what you do outside of work, especially if it aligns with your field or job skills. This makes you unique and memorable. Caution: No TMI. Stay professional and avoid getting too personal. 

5. Invite employers to learn more  

You’ve got a small space but there’s a lot to your story; spark employers’ curiosity by inviting them to learn more. This invitation could open a point of conversation later down the line – perhaps in an interview

6. Continue optimizing your headline

As your career evolves, so should your headline. Regularly update it to reflect your most recent accomplishments or shifts in your professional focus. 

It’s time to update your Hired profile headline

Don’t just be a “Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at X company” when you’re actually a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, parent to a rambunctious three-nager, and developing a crypto app in your free time. This makes you an intriguing candidate and adds a human touch that employers will surely notice. 

By following these tips, you’ll create a headline that not only attracts the attention of employers but also accurately represents your professional brand. Remember, your headline is more than just a title — it’s the first step in telling your career story.