Adapting and Advancing in a New Era of Tech Careers (VIDEO)

Adapting and Advancing in a New Era of Tech Careers (VIDEO)

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We’ve seen a lot of changes in the hiring market in the past year, including the massive onset of AI and instability in the economy. The job search might feel a bit more grueling than you remember. Every role seems to have more applicants, interview processes are increasingly difficult, and employers appear more resistant to job offer negotiations.

Looking for a refreshing reboot on the job search? Watch this on-demand webinar to hear experts discuss key findings from Hired’s 2023 State of Tech Salaries report, share how AI and skill demands are reshaping technical job opportunities and compensation, and how to stand out as a tech candidate.

You’ll hear from:

  • VP of Prodct, Hired, Jon Dobrowolski
  • General Manager, Rora, Jordan Sale
  • Global Head of Talent, Oura, Ginny Cheng
  • Founder & CEO, AI Makerspace, Greg Loughnane 
  • Co-Founder & CEO, Educative, Fahim ul Haq

Read an excerpt of the conversation here and scroll down to access the full webinar. 

How will automation put technical roles at risk? With AI, where do we see the most dramatic changes and opportunities?


I think automation is this double-edged sword where it’s a job killer but also a job creator. I was talking to somebody who was into object-oriented programming in the early 2000s. It’s no different now than it was then. It’s just a different paradigm. 

Make sure you’re focusing on how your job, domain of practice, and things you do every day can be augmented with AI tools to improve your own personal workflows are your tasks as an individual. 

At the company level, it’s about how to adapt to this shifting competitive landscape. That company leader problem is a bit more complicated because there will be plenty of AI laggards within the company. That’s a whole rabbit hole. Many consultants and folks are always focused on helping large corporations move through this AI transformation. 

But as an individual, it’s easier. If you’re watching this panel, you’re doing the right thing.Are you using ChatGPT, DALL-E, Bing, or Claude? Next month, this is going to be a year old. It’s really time to get with the program and start trying to improve your personal workflows. 

If you take, as an example, data scientists, they are still going to be useful moving forward.
However, it’s not clear to most people today exactly what the data scientists of tomorrow will be working on. When we start building large language model applications, we start putting them into production. There are a lot of things on the data science side that will need to be done. 

However, most data scientists still don’t know how to do those today. The closer you are to the cutting edge, the faster you’ll have to learn. Those looking to get into engineering, data science, and tech in general, have a level playing field if they’re willing to learn those new skills now. 

Get in on that 2024 Goldrush and celebrate this one-year ChatGPT anniversary. You’ve got as much opportunity as anybody else. Nobody’s that far ahead today. Start embracing that opportunity space today.

Watch the full collaborative panel discussion to learn: 

  • Whether it is worthwhile for jobseekers to follow skill demand trends
  • How to effectively communicate willingness to upskill to potential employers
  • Nuances to be aware of during a job search in this new, dynamic market
  • How to negotiate in a tough hiring market

Watch the full webinar and get insights from all the panelists.

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