Meet Hired’s Candidate Experience Team: Supporting Jobseekers Every Step of the Way

Meet Hired’s Candidate Experience Team: Supporting Jobseekers Every Step of the Way

A top resource for jobseekers looking for Tech & Sales roles  

A positive jobseeker experience is an essential part of a successful hiring process, so we have a candidate experience team dedicated to supporting them on the Hired platform. This team is a personal knowledge resource as talent navigates the job search. Basically, they are a great partner for setting jobseekers up for success on the platform and finding an awesome opportunity.

Get to know the Candidate Experience Team

The Candidate Experience (CX) Team currently consists of six members whose responsibilities include: 

  • Profile polishing at the onboarding stage
  • Career coaching and providing resources for navigating the job search
  • Interview check-ins and interview requests (IVRs) help
  • General support using the Hired platform

While the CX team is available to Hired jobseekers at any stage, we typically assign a dedicated CX team member after a jobseeker accepts their first IVR to ensure smooth sailing during the interview process. 

CX helps bridge the gap between candidates and employers to create a streamlined process. For instance, if a candidate has not heard back from a company, CX can work with the organization’s account manager to get them back in touch with the candidate. The team advocates for transparency on both ends and encourages jobseekers to maintain clear communication with potential employers too.

If candidates receive an offer, CX checks in again to congratulate them of course, and see if they can provide further support. This could be advice for an offer negotiation or to act as a sounding board to weigh opportunities. From coaching to even some much-needed encouragement (the job search is tough!), CX is here for candidates. 

Here to help every candidate have a great experience

First, the Candidate Experience Team is a resource for you. They’re here to help and they work hard behind the scenes too, constantly collaborating with every team across Hired to find ways to improve the candidate experience and help you land your dream job. 

Second, are you subscribed to The Hired Download email newsletter? They’re the folks sending it! Third, have you attended a How Hired Helps: Ask Me Anything Webinar to get your job search questions answered? They help make those events happen too! 

Speaking of Hired resources for candidates, we asked team members to share their favorite items to support jobseekers. Here’s what they recommend: 

“My experience with Hired was great! I landed a job interview offer almost immediately and at the end of the day managed to land a new job via Hired! There was some great assistance in both the form of website popups as well as regular emails from the team. I would be happy to use Hired again if I need to change my job.”

Mykola Y., Hired User

5 of the CX Team’s top tips to find new tech & sales roles on Hired

  1. Respond to interview requests quickly! Even if you aren’t available to interview for several weeks, you can always accept the interview request and schedule the interview in advance. Being responsive shows you’re interested and proactive. Employers respond well to quick communication.
  2. Be courteous when interviewing. Likewise, send thank you notes after interviews and follow up if you haven’t heard back from a company. Displaying a genuine interest in the opportunity and putting your best foot forward in the interview process is as important as any other skill you bring to the table!
  3. Be transparent and keep your profile and resume up-to-date. Include all relevant experience and make sure the information on your resume aligns with your profile and LinkedIn – employers check for consistency.
  4. Make sure to polish your profile so employers have all the information they need – any extra information is always a bonus! Use the “Must-Have,” “Nice To Have,” & “Do not Want” sections of your profile. Employers also love it when they’re able to get a glimpse of your personality through your profile. It helps them understand if you like working in specific environments, like pair programming. It also helps them personalize their IVRs to you if something in your profile (even interests and hobbies!) aligns with their team. Another reason is if they feel certain benefits or projects would resonate with you.
  5. Focus on hard skills when completing the “Primary Area of Expertise” section. Using skills as keywords helps us match you for available roles. Plus, most recruiters search this way using keywords as filters.

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Why the Candidate Experience Team loves what they do

We’ve shared lots of reasons for you to love the CX Team so let’s wrap up with what the team loves about working with jobseekers: 

  • “The CX role is a rewarding one. Navigating a candidate to a destination ‘dream job’ is what we do best!”
  • “It’s an extremely rewarding experience helping people get jobs they’re excited about! A lot goes into the interview process and it can be tiring, so seeing candidates overcome that tall task to get a role they love makes it all worth it!”
  • “It’s brilliant speaking to candidates daily to ensure they’re doing well on the platform and helping them where they need it. I think it really helps to have someone on the platform solely to support them and to assist where needed! It’s a great moment (and truly rewarding) when they secure a role and are thrilled about their new venture. That’s what Hired is all about: connecting great candidates to great employers!”

A note from the team: We welcome feedback about our candidates’ experiences using Hired. That includes what works and what doesn’t. We encourage you to share your experience with us! We appreciate it and use it to continuously improve the platform.

How Can the CX Team Help?

  • They’ve worked with thousands of candidates, so they are well aware of the pains of a job search experience.
  • Experienced in navigating the technology job market, they have great guidance on how to interview, what to prepare for, and how to negotiate.
  • Give you insight into what might be a perfect fit for your particular set of skills & interests.
  • Help polish jobseeker profiles, which can lead to better requests from more companies.
  • Hired has CX team members in the US and the UK, to better accommodate candidates’ time zones.

How is a Candidate Experience team member different than a Recruiter?

  • CX team members are NOT paid on commission and they do not work for the potential employer
  • They will never push you to take one offer over another or a specific company.  If the best job offer for you isn’t coming from Hired, they’ll tell you that.
  • They will check-in with you when appropriate to see how your opportunities are progressing on a timeline best for you
  • Always available for you to ask job seeking/career advice or to voice concerns.
  • Hired is a one-of-a-kind marketplace; they are available to clarify any questions you may have about the process or platform

Get personalized job search support

To conclude, the CX Team is ready to partner with you, so use them to navigate the job search process. In addition, Hired partners with organizations to support jobseekers with resume enhancement, technical interview prep, upskilling, and more. Discover organizations to fit your career advancement needs. Plus, many offer discounts on their services to Hired platform candidates!

The Hired Summit

Lastly, mark your calendar each spring for Hired’s Summit. It’s a free one-day virtual event to share job search tips and tricks and connect top talent to companies. The Summit offers tech and sales talent a variety of workshops, panel discussions, networking rooms, and so much more. 

Discover upcoming events to get job search guidance and connect with top employers.

Curious how Hired helps jobseekers find great roles in tech and sales? Learn how our platform helps you create meaningful connections with top employers. 

Haven’t joined yet? Complete your free profile with Hired and let employers come to you. Enjoy support and guidance from a Candidate Experience Manager!

Originally published in Nov 2022, this blog was updated in Aug 2023.