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RVU's Time to Hire Engineers Goes from 66 to 16 Days: A 312% Improvement!

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About RVU:

RVU owns a group of brands in the UK including Uswitch.com, Money.co.uk, Confused.com, Mojo Mortgages, and Tempcover. RVU’s brands support people to make empowered and informed financial decisions. 

“I think the best thing about using Hired is everything I need to know and would like to know as a recruiter from the offset, is almost always straight in front of me.”

Joe Miller

Senior Recruitment Manager, Tech

The Opportunity:

With nearly 15 years of experience as a recruiter, Joe Miller is familiar with most recruiting challenges. When he joined RVU, he needed to fill almost 50 vacancies, to grow the team by 25%. 

“…It was a real struggle at the time. I’ve done a lot of searching on things like LinkedIn and other platforms previously, but the benefit we had with Hired was a very quick, clear access to people I felt would fit our business. I was able to expedite the searching process. 

I find people on Hired and start conversations almost with 50% less time investment from my perspective and a candidate’s perspective. That was absolutely paramount at the time that I was trying to hire 25 people in a quarter…I absolutely couldn’t have hired engineers at that pace had it taken two months for each one.”

One of the reasons Joe was able to cut his time to hire was the responsiveness of the candidates on Hired. “The speed at which people reply on Hired is double, even triple any other platform we’ve used.” With Hired, RVU expedited the search process and boosted efficiency.

When it comes to the cost of vacancy, Joe says, “I think it’s one thing businesses really misunderstand… We were in a position where we were losing revenue because we didn’t have the engineering capability to deliver certain projects. 

That cost of vacancy is way higher than a subscription or agency fee. If I’m spending thirty hours a week intensively searching, then that’s all I’m doing. I’m 300 pages deep on a LinkedIn search I’m getting nothing from.” To take back his time, Joe turned to Hired. Ultimately, with Hired’s support and process change, he reduced his time to hire software engineers from 66 to 16 days. That’s a 312% improvement!

“Hired has increased our efficiency exponentially,” says Joe.

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RVU sources hard-to-find skilled candidates on Hired’s talent marketplace

Hired Assessments saves time on technical screens

“We’ve had points at which we’ve had very niche hiring. We decided that JavaScript, React, Go, and Closure are our core technologies. Of those, Go and Closure are two very difficult-to-find skill sets.” 

Thanks to Hired’s data-driven functionality and advanced search features, Joe efficiently found candidates meeting these programming needs. “Often these pre-qualified candidates have completed the built-in technical assessments,” adds Joe. “So, I can marry those up with what we’re looking for and be more productive.”  

The same goes for when Joe sought senior candidates and Site Reliability Engineers, which are notoriously hard to find. His search was quick and easy with Hired. On the advantages of the comprehensive candidate profiles and competitive insights from his Hired Customer Success Manager Joe said,

“I found you can save a lot of time speaking to people you already know would be interested in working in a business like yours because of people they’ve applied with…it’s all right there for you.

We’re really fortunate that at the time we needed it for scale and niche positions or skill sets, it all tied together. [Hired] made it much more achievable for us to hit steep hiring goals for almost two years consecutively.” 

Joe is confident he can jump on Hired to find the engineers he needs to build a strong team at any time.

RVU advances DEI goals with Hired’s diversity hiring features

In addition to filling roles with skilled individuals, Joe is passionate about building diverse teams at RVU. He says, “The first thing I do when opening a vacancy on Hired is turn on the Diversity Goals feature. My job is to actively try and hire more people from diverse backgrounds

One of the biggest parts of my job and one of the things I’m most passionate about is to try and help us engage ethnic and socioeconomic diversity. It’s very hard to target those areas without tools like Hired.”

With the launch of Hired’s DEI features, RVU achieved a rate of 25% of interview requests sent to candidates from underrepresented groups. This helped them raise the level of underrepresented talent to 31% of all new employees through Hired, with 2022 new hires reaching 50%. 

Joe appreciates that candidates self-identify as an underrepresented group. He says, “It’s really important Hired gives people the opportunity to identify themselves. While we focus on skills-based hiring, we all want to do better from a DEI perspective. The first port of call there is being able to identify you are part of one of those groups.

[Hired unites] diversity features, high-quality talent, and transparency into one digital hiring solution. “It’s very rare a platform gives you all of those things in one place. 

I know if I have volume hiring to do, particularly in London, I can jump on and have prequalified people with their skills outlined clearly, says Joe.

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