We are committed to building equity and improving representation in the hiring process

We’re firm believers in skill-based hiring and have created several features in our matching to mitigate all forms of bias.

Diversity goals

It’s easier than ever to discover underrepresented candidates. Our Diversity Goals feature surfaces tech and sales talent who self-identify as underrepresented (defined by the EEOC) to the top of your results.


Salary bias alert

Notifies employers if they are offering a lower salary than they typically do for that position/role, as that’s a clear indication bias could be impacting the offer.


Bias reduction mode

Removes candidate profile pictures and names so employers can only evaluate candidates based on their skills and experience.


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Employee Resource Group


We stand united to create a fearless space for all intersectional identities to connect and support each other through professional development, open discussions, and building awareness on the societal and cultural issues that we face.

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Building a more diverse and inclusive future together

Making a global impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can't be done alone. That's why we partner with organizations and communities who share our vision for a future where everyone has equal opportunity to find a job they love. Our partnerships allow us to amplify our values, and give companies and jobseekers a head start towards growth.

Alternative education

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Networking & communities

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Technology for good

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