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Hired Partner Boolean : Teaches people online courses in tech skills to break into the developer and engineering industry

Hired Partner, Boolean: An Online Tech Academy

Boolean is redesigning the future of tech education with an intensive 6 month full-time course. Across 700+ hours of learning, Boolean’s mission is to modernise and democratise tech education, helping people to develop their potential. We sat down with Patrick Lynott, the Head of Admissions & Placement at Boolean.

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your organization!

Hey! I’m Patrick and I head up Admissions and Placement here at Boolean. We’re here to help people who want to start a new career in the tech industry do just that. We’re an international tech academy, and we turn coding newbies into software developers with our full-time, six-month, and 100% remote course. Then, we help them find a job afterwards with six more months of career support. 

That’s great, support is so key. How did Boolean come to exist?

Our two founders, Roberto and Fabio, were discussing how hard it is to find talented developers. So much so, in a previous company, Fabio ended up hiring a complete beginner and training him on the job (Michele, who is now our CTO!). And thus, the idea for Boolean was born – a course to help people break into tech. We believe anyone can learn to code with the right attitude, passion, drive, and commitment, as long as they’re given the right tools, training, and direction. And that’s exactly what we provide! 

Since our inception in 2017 we’ve taught thousands of students the most in-demand skills for the job market. Our teaching style is forward-thinking and job-focused. And everyone who works at Boolean has only one goal: to really change the lives of every one of our students.

Wow, so many graduates! How are you working with Hired?

We’re super excited to be working with Hired to help all of our recent graduates from our full-time course to find their first tech role. Hired has a fantastic reputation in the tech space and a great network of hiring companies, and their commitment to skills-based hiring is exactly in line with the way we train our developers. Our most recent class of graduates can be found on Hired by searching “Boolean” in the keyword search section on the marketplace.

Is Boolean working on anything in particular right now?

We launched in the UK in 2020 so this year has been really exciting as we successfully delivered our first few cohorts of students. We had our first cohort finish at the end of September and already one person had found a job with 3 weeks of the course left! 

We also recently partnered with a big EdTech company in Italy called AlphaTest. With this partnership, we’re aiming to become the leading European EdTech group.

Sounds like an exciting year! Anything we should be on the lookout for? 

For anyone who is interested in breaking into the tech industry, we’re running our first online Open Day on 20th October. We’ll be hearing from current students and staff talking about their experiences with us. It will be a great opportunity to get to know us!

And if you’re on the fence about becoming an engineer, or even just signing up for Boolean, we can help you understand if learning to code is the right path for you. You can do this by trying our free 11-hour introductory course and through an interview with our Admissions team.

Thanks Patrick, pleasure chatting with you. 

Revised Nov. 3, 2021

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