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Hired Partner, Blockchain Training Alliance: Leader in Blockchain Training & Certification

Demand for Blockchain technologists is going up as multiple startups and enterprises are looking to achieve efficiencies and create new business models enabled by the Blockchain technologies. Blockchain Training Alliance is answering the call with instructor-led Blockchain training, built strategically for corporate solutions.

Welcome! We’d love to kick things off with a bit about you and BTA. 

Hi! I’m Rosa Santos, Director of Education, at Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA). Here at BTA we focus on delivering quality education for students around the world. We provide education at every level, whether someone is simply wanting to learn what blockchain is to more in-depth technical training.

Since blockchain is still evolving, our team is constantly working to update our material to be able to provide the most up to date education on this emerging technology.

How did your organization come to exist?

Our team saw that there was a need for blockchain training but not a lot of resources out there for professionals. We also wanted blockchain professionals to have a way to prove they were proficient in the technology.

Blockchain Training Alliance answered the call with global Blockchain certifications. Our certification exams are vetted thoroughly by technology executives, instructors and developers.

All of our certifications are put on the blockchain and anyone, including prospective employees, can easily verify certificates by using a unique cryptographic hash that is given to each certificate holder. 

That’s great! Last year LinkedIn listed Blockchain as the most in-demand hard skill of 2020 so it’s great you’re able to provide resources and certifications. Tell us more about your partnership with Hired. 

An understanding of Blockchain has quickly become one of the most sought-after skills in hiring. Many of BTA students are looking at opportunities in the Blockchain space once they complete training and certifications.

Hired offered the perfect opportunity for BTA students to match their skillset with potential employees. We refer all BTA students to Hired where they can highlight the marketable skills they have gained; it was a direct alignment of being able to provide students with that next step. 

Agreed, we are thrilled to connect BTA students with our clients. For those that are just getting into the crypto space now, which BTA course would you recommend? 

Blockchain technology continues to evolve and Blockchain Training Alliance will continue to be the frontrunner when it comes to providing quality education. For anyone wanting to get started in Blockchain we offer free training anyone can join, no prerequisites needed! You can learn more and enroll here!

Additionally, we know that there is plenty of curiosity about what Crypto and Blockchain are, so we just released our newest class, Understanding Cryptocurrency. It explains what cryptocurrencies are, how they work and what their larger implications are.

Another hot topic class we are excited to release soon will be on NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Again, many have heard the word NFTs but don’t exactly know what they are, our class explains all of that. If you’re eager to understand NFTs sooner, though, a chapter of the Understanding Cryptocurrency class does cover NFTs. 

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